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Kennex and Dorian contact the DRN's creator to help track down a rogue android and Dorian gets the chance to meet his maker. However, in meeting Dr. Nigel Vaughn, Dorian also meets the XRN android which was created after him.

He begins to wonder just how different he is from the other machine and whether he's capable of the same kind of destruction.

While John and Dorian are fighting together against the XRN, Dr. Vaughn steals vials of synthetic soul and processors and escapes over the Wall.

Almost Human
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Almost Human Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

DNA can be isolated under a microscope, you know, hair color, eye color, height, weight, ethnicity. The fundamental basic data can be traced to individual chromosomes. But the soul, that is who we are. It is our passion, our pain. Why we laugh, why we cry. Why we strive to be better. DNA, it's the data, but the soul? It's the story. It is the essence of life.

Nigel Vaughn

It's not our past that defines us. It's what we do now.