Back in Action - Almost Paradise
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After an operation went bad in Barcelona nine months ago, DEA Agent Alex Walker was forced to retire and moves to the Philippine island of Cebu, where he buys a gift shop. He's suffering from hypertension but refuses to take his meds. He discovers the gift shop he bought and the adjoining apartment are run down and shuttered. Tayo, a drug dealer, recruits local muscle. Alex breaks up a drug deal with a pool cue, only to find out that he had interrupted an undercover sting by the local police. Ike, the local chief, tries to recruit him. Alex is almost strangled at his gift shop. He bursts into Ike's office. Ike convinces him to help them solve the case, for his own protection. Alex thinks the drug Frost is being manufactured on Cebu by a boss from Taiwan or Malaysia. They follow the drug runners to Tayo's boat. Kia wants to get a warrant but Alex sneaks on board instead. Kai puts on a bikini and sets up surveillance on a neighboring boat. Alex convinces Tayo that he wants to change sides. Tayo shows Alex the Manila gangster he'd killed. DEA Agent Mendoza, an old nemesis of Alex's, takes over the case. Kai finds Alex passed out. He tells her about how his partner, Todd Carpenter, went over to the dark side. He wants to bail, despite her impassioned speech about the drug trade's effects on the island. Alex takes off his wire. He tells Tayo it's a trap. Alex has a recording playing into the wire. He has Tayo burn all his merchandise. Ernesto clears a path for Alex's escape. Mendoza and his team rush an empty warehouse. Alex gets Tayo to confess to murder, then Kai and Ernesto rush in. Tayo flees and Alex captures him. 

Almost Paradise
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Almost Paradise Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

No stress, no drama. Just peace and quiet.

Alex [to Doctor]

Doctor: If you don't take them, with your level of hypertension, your heart will become enlarged.
Alex: I know. Ticking time bomb.
Doctor: No. There's no ticking. Just "boom." Heart failure. And trust me that's worse than penis failure.
Alex: That's your opinion.