Helping Partner - Almost Paradise Season 1 Episode 1
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Security guards investigate an illegal landing at Mactan-Sebu International Airport. One of the guards, in the employ of the international smugglers being investigated, kills the other, Nester Cordero. Alex has no water in his apartment. So he tracks down Cory. Nester was a student of Ernesto's at the police academy. Alex drafts Rita, a local girl, to help him carry buckets of water back to his apartment. It was Rita's father who got killed. Alex offers to help but Kai and Ernesto snub him because he has refused to help on other cases they had brought to him. Alex says that Nester's partner Luzon was lying about the night Nester died. Alex recognizes international smugglers checking into the hotel. The boss, Catherine Himmel, leaves a note and a charm bracelet for their contact, who is running late. While Kai distracts the desk agent, Alex steals the note and bracelet. Nester's time of death lines up with when the smugglers' arrival at the airport. Alex intercepts the buyer, Max Adler. Kai impersonates Catherine which doesn't fool Adler. Ernesto visits Luzon, who attacks him and escapes, but Ernesto finds a roomful of weapons.  Alex impersonates Max and visits Catherine. Catherine takes him to a club that specializes in Asian girls. Alex's hypertension kicks in and he passes out.  Ernesto tails Luzon to this gang's hideout. Catherine tells Alex the rest of his shipment has been secured. Alex demands to see the goods before payment. Ernesto takes out the whole gang then Luzon, who kept the murder weapon. The cargo hold is filled with Asian girls. Alex doesn't wait for backup, starting the attack. He focuses on Klaus while Kai chases Catherine. Ernesto arrives afterward. Alex's doctor urges him to straighten things out with his daughter. Alex gives Rita back the crystal she dropped. 

Almost Paradise
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Almost Paradise Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

What are you doing? You frighten the guests. You look like rabid dog.

Cory [to Alex]

I really am sorry for all this. But apparently you're a man who can't be bought.

Von Bueron [to Cordero]