Potential Danger - Almost Paradise
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Two divers kill vlogger Jessa Torres with a spear gun after she spots them while diving. A government shutdown means Alex isn't getting his disability payments. Cory is hassling him for his late rent payment. Jessa's husband reports her missing. Chief Ike discourages Kai from looking into it, then goes to meet TV star Jerry Westwood. He's in Cebu to narrate the documentary series "Wreckage of War." Alex, who was a fan of Jerry's show "Pistol Whip," meets him in the hotel bar. Cory volunteers Alex for stunt-double work on the series. Producer Nicolai wants Alex to entertain Jerry. Jerry tells Alex the production seems rushed. Investigating Jessa's disappearance, Kai runs into Alex at Jessa's dive shop. Kai teaches Alex how to use the new scuba equipment. They're attacked by the two divers during a practice dive, after they find Jessa's camera. Ernesto says there are often treasure hunters in the Olango Channel. Jessa's recording shows the treasure hunters. But Ike won't close down the channel without a body. Nicolai's crew is filming in the channel. Alex hides a knife below deck. Kai determines that Jessa had stumbled across the wreckage of a Soviet submarine. Alex has figured out that the film crew are treasure hunters, using the show as cover to bring up the illegal loot. Alex and Jerry get tied up below deck and Alex retrieves his knife to cut them loose. Andre the director was the captain of the sub. After he explains his plan, Alex and Jerry break loose. The Mactan police arrive. Andre activates the nuclear weapon inside the recovered case. Jerry recalls working with a Russian bomb handler and walks Alex through deactivating the device. Kai gives a video Jessa recorded to Julio. Jerry leaves his "Pistol Whip" gun for Alex. 

Almost Paradise
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Almost Paradise Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

No, we care about everyone on this island. Everyone. Let me look into it.

Kai [to Julio]

Alex: Have you ever heard of knocking?
Cory: This is store. You should put small bell over door.