Suspect Pool - Almost Paradise Season 1 Episode 6
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Kai visits her mother Diwata's gravesite, 15 years after she was murdered. An impatient Alex honking the horn breaks her reverie. He needs his disability check. But Kai and Ernesto have to detour to a crime scene first. Kai hurries to hug her mentor, famed Manila Detective Cesar Rabara, who caught Diwata's killer. Rabara assesses the murder scene just like Alex would. Rabara agrees to work on the case only if Ocampo lets Kai investigate with him. Rabara tells Kai the killer is a cop, which he left out of his assessment. Kai accuses Alex, who thinks Rabara is wrong, of being jealous. Kai and Ernesto catch Alex breaking into the crime scene to reassess it. Alex talks Ernesto into helping him. Ernesto borrows the professor's laptop from the evidence room. Alex discovers the professor was working on a murder case. Kai won't cooperate with Alex. Alex pretends to be the professor and questions Gloria Bautista, who the professor had called. The professor had been interested in the suicide of Gloria's husband, who was Diwata's killer. Alex thinks the three cases are connected. Separately, Kai reaches the same conclusion. Ernesto recognizes the impression of Kai's mother's scalp, which resembles the design on Kai's ring. Kai tells Rabara how she made peace with her mother. Kai ignores Ernesto's warning call. In an old photo, Rabara was wearing the same ring, which her mother pulled off his finger when he killed her. Rabara takes Kai to her mother's cemetery. Rabara had a perfect record because he was framing people for crimes. Rabara plans to frame Kai for all three murders. Rabara and Kai battle but he gets ahold of a gun. Kai turns the tables on him. Alex arrives to talk Kai down. Kai makes peace with Gloria.

Almost Paradise
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Almost Paradise Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Ernesto: It must be some mess in there.
Kai: Good. I need something decent. Ocampo keeps sending me on these nuisance cases.

I believe in a gun and a badge. The rest got buried with [her mother].

Kai [to Ernesto]