Con-Artist Uncle - Almost Paradise
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A hitman in Bangkok receives a new assignment and heads to the Phiippines. Alex's attempt at meditation is interrupted by his Uncle Danny. His hypertension monitor goes off. Danny has joined Gamblers Anonymous and he's come to make amends to Alex. Danny had seen Alex's daughter Evelyn and suggests Alex try amends as well. Ike assigns Ernesto and Kai to a case of a grifter passing counterfeit bills at resorts. Alex suspects Danny and finds a fake compartment filled with bills at the bottom of his golf bag. Danny tells him it's the money he got in exchange at the airport. The large Yee family from Singapore has taken over the resort and Alex fears Danny is there to bilk them. The hitman arrives at the resort. Alex joins Danny and two Yees on the golf course. They play a high-stakes round. Alex wins and takes the money so Danny won't. Kai and Ernesto's description of the suspect doesn't resemble Danny. Alex finds a disguise in Danny's luggage. Danny tells Alex he's in trouble. There's a contract on his life. Alex doesn't believe him until he sees the hitman, Arthur Peake, showing around Danny's photo. Alex stashes Danny in a housekeeping closet. Kai and Ernesto confront Alex about the round of golf. They take him in. Danny leaves the closet but Peake catches him. Alex confronts Danny and Peake makes him come along with them, with Kai and Ernesto tailing them. Peake and Alex battle, then Kai and Ernesto arrive. Danny won't put down the gun so Ernesto has to shoot him. Peake tries to escape but Kai takes him down. It was all staged to fool Peake into thinking Danny was dead. But Danny has to leave Cebu within 24 hours. He steals Alex's wallet as he exits.

Almost Paradise
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Almost Paradise Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Kai: If you had a different partner, you'd probably get real assignments.
Ernesto: They're all real assignments, Kai.

Danny: I know this sounds crazy but I joined Gamblers Anonymous.
Alex: I guess they didn't have Con Artists Anonymous, huh?