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Day 40, Britt

The water he boiled the night before is frozen this morning. It's really cold. He's been sleepy today. He's going out to try and fish again. It's snowing. The water is higher than the day before. It's 18 degrees F. His hands are cold, and he's trying to find a good spot, but they're not biting. He's moving on. 


He's playing peek a boo. He's missing his kids. "My little girl loves peek-a-boo." Sam ~ His bowel issues are resolved now, so he's feeling better. It's really cold, and he's decided to prioritize firewood. He's gone a week without protein, and he can feel himself getting weaker. He tried to catch fish, but he couldn't. As long as he can pinch a little on his belly, he's staying.


He is watching a woodpecker. He misses his family. He's going to harvest some birch bark. He's going to make some snow goggles. "I just want to do something with people, man." Larry, He misses talking and interacting with people. He wants to share his experiences with someone. He's crying because time has moved so fast. He's talking about his family. He misses his kids being home. He's really hungry.

Day 41 Larry

He's been trying to think of a way to write a love note to his wife. He wrote I love you Rachael in his tent. Larry feels like this trip healed him. He was a mess after Vancouver. He needs his family to survive. He wants to go home; he misses his family. He's tapping. He knows his limitations and he's reached them. 


There's lots of snow. He's excited about all the snow. He's making snowballs. He's juggling snowballs. He needs to get his fire lit so that he can melt the snow off the roof of his shelter. He's going to get firewood. He's looking at tracks everywhere. He's trying to figure out what's making the tracks. 

Day 42, Sam

Sam is eating a snocone. The snow is such a game changer. Sam. He's reading the track signs in the snow. He's going to set up a deadfall trap. He wants an instakill trap. He's hungry. 


He's checking activity around his tent. He has a trap set too. It's more of a toggle that will loop the prey, and hang it. "I love the snow." Britt ~ He misses his family. That's all that's keeping him going. It's hard for him to keep up beat and every day it gets harder for him to keep going. It's about his family's well-being, so he's hanging on. 

Day 43, Sam

It's snowing again. It occurred to him that he will be in this game for the long haul. Being the provider is his number one priority as a man, husband, and father.


24 degrees. If he didn't have his family at home, he wouldn't still be there. He keeps thinking of the things he wants to do for them. He's going to keep going and be the last man standing.

Day 44

He hasn't had any success with any of the traps, and he's hungry. He's starving. 

Day 45, Britt

He's starving too, and he is talking about his body consuming itself. He says his body and mind can take it.

Day 46, Day 47 Sam and Britt ~ freezing, hungry.

Day 48 Sam is starving.

Day 49 Britt. He has no motivation to do anything.

Day 51 Sam misses his family, Britt is lonely.

Day 53 Sam is exhausted. He can't get food. Britt, the first time he's been outside in 4 days. He still fights him

Day 54 Sam doesn't know how long he can go on.

Day 55 Britt is just laying in his tent.

Day 56 Sam and Britt are thinking of tapping. Somebody tapped.

Day 56 Britt tapped. He's beaten down. He just can't lay in the tent one more day in his tent by himself. He wants to get back to his world. "I achieved a great deal, and I'm proud of it." Britt.

Day 60 Sam wins. He's strapping on his snowshoes. He has a med check today. That's what he thinks. He's ready to go, but he's pushing himself to provide for his family. He's crying. He misses his kids a lot. Here comes his wife. He hears her coming up behind him. 

Sam - He burst into tears. Sam shows her around. His thankful attitude won him the game. 


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Alone Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

I just want to do something with people, man.


My little girl loves peek-a-boo.