Alone Season 5 Episode 10 Review: Cold War

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Well, it's a good thing Sam didn't tap for lack of pooping because now he has $500,000 in cold hard cash.

On Alone Season 5 Episode 10, it came down to Britt and Sam, and it could've been anyone's game. The last week in Mongolia was like groundhog day in a winter setting, and I was surprised Britt tapped.

Sam dug in there, hung on, and it paid off.

Savage Cole - Alone


Winning this game is nothing short of a mixture of luck, pure will, and mental stamina.

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I was sure Britt was going to take the win, but as soon as I saw his river, I knew he was the one who tapped. You can't blame him. The days were droning on for both Britt and Sam. One of them had to give because not only were they lonely and hanging onto their families, they were starving.

No matter how mentally strong somebody is, if they starve, they're getting pulled. Period.

The snow is such a game changer.


It was only a matter of time, and the fact was Sam held on just a tiny bit longer. I'm convinced Sam had even more stamina in him than 60 days. They would've pulled him for starvation before he tapped.

He was so determined to provide for his family; nothing was deterring him from that goal.

Britt Trying To Make It - Alone Season 5 Episode 10

Larry had the mental stamina this time around, and he had luck, but he didn't have the will. He knew he was done. It was evident in Alone Season 5 Episode 9, Mongolia was one long therapy session for Larry, and he was ready to get off the couch.

Larry was grateful for the lessons he learned about life and himself in Mongolia, and he was anxious to apply them to his life. He truly left a changed man.

When the snow hit, both Sam and Britt found a whole new energy, but the combination of loneliness and hunger sent both men into tears more than once.

That's when Britt went downhill.

I love the snow.


Once Britt mentioned he hadn't even left his shelter in four days, it was evident he was in a sorry state. If he didn't pull himself out of it, he was done. Early in the game, you can pull yourself out of that sadness, but not when you're starving.

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Starving makes you lose your mind and chips away at any mental strength you're holding onto.

I'm not sure what happened from the time Britt was juggling snowballs to the time he tapped, but he just decided he wanted to be with his family. 

Sam is Still Struggling - Alone Season 5 Episode 9

Don't they all come to that same conclusion? 

It's almost like they're going to boot camp. Mother nature tears them down like a drill sergeant and builds them back up anew.

Not one of them leaves the same person they came in, and maybe that's a gift whether they win the game or not.

A newly found appreciation for life.

My little girl loves peek-a-boo.


I'm sure everything tastes better and smells sweeter once they arrive home, and they live for every moment.

At least for a little while.

Maybe they hold onto that, and carry it through their lives. I think Larry will.

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Larry was talking about how Vancouver Island broke him. He had a hard time coping when he got home, but I don't think he'll have that problem this time.

Britt and Sam seem like the type of family men who already appreciated what they had. The difference with Sam is that I think winning Alone boosted his confidence as a man. He talked a lot about being a provider, and how he felt like he was failing in that area.

A New Low - Alone

It may have been true that he was struggling, but from the looks of it, he wasn't failing. A loving family man like that? No way.

Sam does need to work on situational awareness, though. If his wife had been a bear, he'd be a dead man.

It would've been an excellent idea for her to have brought him some food. The look of desperation on his face as he was asking her if she brought him any food, must've made her feel bad.

The poor man hadn't had protein for two weeks!

I just want to do something with people, man.


I'm sure as soon as they landed the plane, Sam hit the first restaurant he saw.

He probably rolled up in there, all unshaven, smelly, and half crying, "Bring me everything on the menu with meat!" Of course, he took it to go, so he could get home to his kids, and play peek-a-boo.

The half a million dollars couldn't have gone to a nicer guy.

What do you think, Alone fans? Were you happy that Sam won? Were you surprised that Britt tapped? Are you jealous Larry received free therapy?

Tell me what you think in the comments!

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Cold War Review

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Alone Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

I just want to do something with people, man.


My little girl loves peek-a-boo.