Brooke Watches a Storm - Alone Season 5 Episode 6
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Day 24 Larry

He's in his hut and he's freaking out. He's got lots of mice in his shelter and he doesn't want them in his gear. He's tearing his bed apart to look for mouse nests. Now he's regretting doing it. It was a lot of work and there are no mouse nests. Mice are coming to bother him again.


He's making himself laugh because he got really close to the camera. "what if all my footage was this close?" Britt

He is going fishing today. Sucess. He's talking about time with his son. He's catching lots of fish. Seems like he catches five fish and then stops. Cuts open stomach to see what's inside. The fish ate a mouse. He's going to smoke his fish, so they'll keep for up to seven days. 


He's counting fish halves because he's going to smoke his fish too. He smokes them on his chimney. His body has adapted and he feels good. He's doing well with fish and grouse, but he hasn't gotten any in a couple of days, so he's going out to hunt. He spots a grouse. He shoots and missed. He sees him again. He shoots.He got it that time.

He wants to be connected to the land and it motivates him to stay out there.


It's raining. "All right, so welcome to the green glow psych ward." Brooke - She doesn't want to be stuck inside on the dreary day. It's affected her mentality. She needs a blue sky. The green tarp is bringing her down. She's going to watch the fire until she can get outside. She's losing it mentally. The rain is really bothering her. 


He's just laying there watching flies and think about setting a trap. The fish are good, but he needs more fat so he's not feeling as energetic as he should. He wants to set a freestanding trap. He's hoping for a wolverine or a badger. He's in his shelter. He hears something in the dark. Something very large is having a fit. Britt. He doesn't want to go outside. 

Britt goes to check his trap. He sees a moose track. Something approached his trap. His anchor stick came out of the ground. He has to reset it.


He's sitting in his triangle shelter. He's sharpening his knife. He hears something running. He's going for his bow. He goes hunting. He shoots and hits a cormorant. He is going after it. It got away. "I hurt something else out here. I don't like that. - Dave


She's excited because she can see the sun is coming out. She wants to climb a ridge to survey the land. She's looking for bark and berries along the way. She sees bad weather coming in. She's at the ridge and is climbing. She doesn't like the looks of the storm. She's trying to decide if she should turn back. She keeps going. She found chaga, which is a medicinal mushroom. Her trip is paying off. She approaches the ridge. It's a big loop and the wind is picking up. 

Day 27 Brooke

She's caught in the rain. Making her way down the mountain. She's almost back at camp. She's lonely and she doesn't want to be stuck in the tent. It's overwhelming. She is thinking of leaving. 


The mice are driving him crazy. He's flipping out. He's hungry. He keeps yelling at the mice.


He's been on highs and lows. He's got traps set for the mice. He's telling the mouse very calmly to leave or die. The mouse sets off the trap. Knocked it on the head and he's got breakfast.

He got three mice off the one trap. He's cleaning and eating them today. The killing is wearing on him. It's really bothering him.


He's still complaining about the mice. He is trying to wake up and find the mice. Spraying bear spray all over his tent. He's using his air horn to try and wake them up. He doesn't know what he's going to do.


She can't deal with the green glow.


Can't deal with the killing.

Somebody tapped. Here comes the truck.

Day 28

Brooke tapped out. "Starving sucks." Brooke "This is enough hungry. This is enough cold. This is enough loneliness. This is enough of the green monster." 


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Alone Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

What if all my footage was this close?


All right, so welcome to the green glow psych ward.