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In Miami beach circa 1997, Andrew Cunanan shoots Gianni Versace on the front steps of his mansion. He would later die at the hospital and the crime scene would become a spectacle to onlookers and paparazzi.

Flashbacks show a younger Cunanan approaching Versace at a club. Later, he meets Versace for drinks after the opera.

Present day shows Cunanan narrowly evading capture by police, who immediately link him to the murder when they find a vehicle he had previously stolen nearby.

The cops interview Versace's longtime partner, before his brother and sister arrive in Miami. Donatella Versace looks to keep the business private in the aftermath of her brother's death.

The Versace's issue a statement that they, nor their brother, has ever had any contact with Andrew Cunanan.

Andrew Cunanan sees a news reporter confirming Versace's death and covers the smile on his face.

American Crime Story: Versace
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American Crime Story: Versace Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Friend: You can't even tell people you're gay.
Andrew: I tell people all the time. I told people for years.
Friend: You tell gay people you're gay. And straight people you're straight.

Versace has invited me to the opera. Of course I said yes.