A Marriage Crumbles - American Crime
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Jeanette and Raelyn have an argument when Raelyn gets home from work. The dishes aren't done and Jeanette says she fell asleep while putting the girls to bed. Jeanette apologizes and says that she has been busy looking for work. Raelyn says she has been busy working.

The next day, Jeanette hears the answering machine pick up. It's a message for Raelyn. She needs to take a random drug test. Raelyn knows about this when she gets home. She says the cops can do whatever they want because she's on parole. She says she's been drug tested at work and at child welfare and everything she does is for the girls, but mistakes happen and she could be arrested anyway.

Jeanette and Raelyn drop the girls off and then go to the drug testing center, where Raelyn tells Jeanette the girls want her to take care of them. She says mistakes could happen. Soon after, Raelyn is arrested and the cops won't tell Jeanette where they're taking her.

Jeanette goes to JD for help but he refuses to help her. He says that his help is no good and anyway she doesn't want to accept the price of her good life with Carson.

Jeanette goes to pick up the girls and finds out they have been there overnight before, as Raelyn was gone a lot before Jeanette moved in with her.

Gabriella puts butter on her burned arm, then seems to have some sort of breakdown. After doing a lot of crying she decides to run away. She atempts to break into the safe to get her passport but cannot. She is going to leave anyway but sees Nicky sleeping on the couch and decides to take him with her.

They go to a park and then Nicky is hungry so they go to a diner and order fried chicken. Gabriella does not have enough money to pay for it. She dumps out all her money and leaves with Nicky. The waitress runs after her and yells at her, as do two cops, but Gabriella doesn't understand English and keeps walking. She is arrested. The cops tell Nick and Clair that she kidnapped Nicky and about the injuries on her arms.

Nick and Clair have a huge fight and Nick says the marriage is over but will not acknowledge Nicky is even his child.

Gabriella is told to settle down when she tries to tell the cops in French that her passport is at Nicky's house, and later in the hospital she is told to calm down and given a sedative injection when she tries to talk to the nurse in French.

Kimara is told by a supervisor that they are cutting staff because of lack of funds. She meets with the grant sponsor, who doesn't even want to look through her records. It disgusts her and she decides she's quitting and going on vacation in Vietnam.

At the webcam house, Dustin is warned that going online again will bring the cops to awareness that Shae has been killed. Later, Dustin is forced to go into the convenience store to get stuff for one of the supervisors. He runs away. The DA's office calls Kimara and convinces her to work with him.

American Crime
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American Crime Season 0 Episode 7 Quotes

Jeanette: It's not like I've been sitting around.
Raelyn: I didn't say you were.
Jeanette: I've been filling out applications, going for assessments... I've been looking for work all day.
Raelyn: Yeah, well I HAVE been working. All night.

Administrator: Either we cut staff or we cut services.
Kimara: It comes out the same.
Administrator: We're not going to cut services.
Kimara: It's the same thing.
Administrator: It's not the same.
Kimara: It is the same. If we don't have the staff -
Administrator: Money comes and money goes. You know that.
Kimara: Money comes when bad things happen. When people feel guilty and it's too late to help.