Woman: Dustin was an accessory after the fact. He went days without telling anyone about the murder.
Kimara: Shae is dead. Her pimp is out of jail. There's a houseful of kids. And you're gonna put Dustin in jail?
Woman: He'll go in front of the judge and he'll get maybe a year. What were you gonna do? Put him in a shelter?
Kimara: F - you!
Woman: We will find those kids and -
Kimara: Seriously, F - you!

Jeanette: I am sorry for any bother I caused.
Lori Anne: It was more than a bother. People have got hurt. They have suffered.
Jeanette: The workers on that farm suffered, and not just from the fire. There were murders on that farm, more than one. Women were assaulted -
Lori Anne: She doesn't know when to call it a day, does she?

Look, we didn't do anything wrong. We treated her decent. Is this what it's come to, that the police believe people like them, not us?


Dustin: It was an accident.
Man: What happened?
Dustin: Tracy stabbed this other girl. Cassi. Everette got rid of the body.
Man: Did Cassi have any famliy?
Dustin: No. She had a boyfriend. He was a pimp. Cassi wasn't her real name. It was her screen name. Her real name was Shae.
Kimara: What?
Dustin: Shae.
Kimara: Tell me about this Shae. What did she look like?
Dustin: She looked regular. Blonde.
Kimara: Was she pregnant?
Dustin: Yes.
Kimara: Tell me about the house where this happened. Where is it?

Jeanette: Can I come see you?
Carson: For what?
Jeanette: I want to come talk to you. Can I do that?
Carson: We can talk.
Jeanette: Raelynn's in jail. She failed a drug test. She keeps saying it's a mistake, sometimes they make mistakes.
Carson: What's gonna happen to her?
Jeanette: It's a parole violation. In the meantime, I need to keep myself going.
Carson: You need money.
Jeanette: I need to come home.
Carson: And all this stuff about you trying to find yourself or taking a stand for the workers... it all goes away?

Dustin: They won't let me leave.
Kimara: Nobody's stopping you from going anywhere.
Dustin: Then why won't they let me leave?
Kimara: Because you're a minor. They want to make sure you have a safe place to go. Do you have anywhere to go?
Dustin: No.
Kimara: When I asked you before if you wanted us to call anybody, you didn't say anything. Do you want us to call someone?
Dustin: No.
Kimara: Do you want me to talk to them about getting you a bus voucher?
Dustin: No.
Kimara: Look, Dustin, I'm leaving soon. You're gonna be assigned another case worker.
Dustin: You don't care.
Kimara: What do you want me to do? You call me, I come. I come, you don't say nothing.

Clair: Want to say good morning to your father?
Nicky: Good morning, Daddy.
Clair: Can you.... say good morning to Nicky?

Nick: We both get what we want. We get what we deserve. I get the business and you get the kid.
Clair: So cold.
Nick: What do you want me to say?
Clair: Say his name. Say your son's name.

JD: Everything you've done the last few months has been about being on display. You'd better think on your own situation.
Jeanette: I have thought! My sister's in jail! She has two little girls! And you're giving me some morality play?
JD: It's not a morality play. This is real time with real consequences. I know that. The sad thing is, you have a good life, Jeanette. You just don't want to pay the little it costs to live it.

Raelyn: I was looking at those job assessments you were doing. They look hard.
Jeanette: The hard part is getting to be this age and first figuring out how to take care of yourself.
Raelyn: The kids want to stay with you. They do make mistakes, you know.

Jeanette: I made some sandwiches.
Raelyn: I appreciate it.
Jeanette: There's a message for you.
Raelyn: Oh yeah. It's the county calling.
Jeanette: What do they want?
Raelyn: You heard the message. You know. I have to go down to the court and take a piss test.
Jeanette: Is that... is that okay for them to do?
Raelyn: Is it okay? I'm on parole. They can do whatever they want.

Kimara: These are all my notes from last year.
Stevens: That's all of them?
Kimara: Oh, yeah.
Stevens: Okay.
Kimara: You don't want to take them with you?
Stevens: I appreciate you taking the time. Most of the people who come to us, we're lucky if they have two months of purchase orders. I just need you to sign this.

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Here's the notice of his suspension, we don't play favorites. Every student is teated equally. I understand Ms. Blaine may feel otherwise, but we've done all that we can.


No one was singled out.