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On American Crime Season 1 Episode 3, with the help of Nancy, Barb tries to get Matt's murder case classified as a hate crime. After trying to give "evidence" about how Carter is racist and he specially went after Matt because he was white, the DA decided not to go ahead with classifying it as a hate crime. According to the DA, the comments Carter made were provocative in nature, but he never deliberately went after someone based on race alone.

Barb also gets served with papers from Russ fighting her on where to bury Matt's body. Russ wants to bury him near Gwen and has Gwen's parents on his side, but Barb wants him near her. She tries to bring up the fact Russ was always a terrible father and she found out he doesn't have a job anymore and is convinced when he runs out of money he will just run away like he always does. Thankfully Russ doesn't take Barb's threats seriously and stands up to her. Russ later finds a job and is able to stay in Modesto for as long as he's needed.

Gwen's mom Eve admits to Tom that Gwen was involved with other men. Tom is furious his wife would keep such a secret. Eve tells him Matt was getting involved in heavy drugs and Gwen was scared about the people who were always around the house and she felt her marriage was falling apart. Even though Eve knew this was all going on, she convinced Eve to stay with Matt which makes Tom even more angry. 

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