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On American Crime Season 1 Episode 4, Aliyah gets Carter a new "lawyer" and he is able to arrange for a bail hearing. It turns out the ballistics report shows the bullets used in the murder don't match the gun Carter owns. They also found out no DNA matching Carter was found at the scene as well. When it's brought before a judge, the judge agrees to a bail being set, but makes sure to make it known Carter isn't a free man and he will be put on house arrest to await trial. 

Barb and Russ's son Mark comes to Modesto to help mediate between his parents. Barb lets Mark know about Russ wanting to fight for the right to bury Matt where he thinks he should go and she feels since he was never a part of their life that he has no say where Matt should be buried. Mark reluctantly agrees to talk to Russ, but Russ stands his ground and lets him know he's no longer afraid of Barb and thinks the decision should be up to Gwen on where Matt should be buried. 

Eve and Tom make the decision to take Gwen off the ventilator to see if she can breath on her own as well as slowly take her out of the coma. Tom is still hurt about everything he found out about Gwen and sees her as a slut instead of viewing her as his daughter who needs their help. Eve convinces Tom to look at their daughter with love and without malice. In the end, Tom regrets viewing the information about Gwen which states how many sexual partners she has and Gwen is taken out of her coma and she wakes up. Mark later comes and tells Tom a huge secret about Barb; she knew all along Matt was doing drugs and had been dealing them and it was Barb who forced Matt into the military. He admits his mother lives in a fantasy world and doesn't want to believe the truth. 

Tony is finally released into Alonzo's custody. 

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