Kimara Counsels Dustin - American Crime
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Clair is questioned at the police station, where she is shown photos of Gabrielle's injuries and asked how Gabrielle could have inflicted injuries on her back. She is able to keep it together until she is told that Gabrielle's son is here. She is asked to read a letter that Gabrielle wrote to her son and then advised of her right to remain silent. She chooses to call her husband.

Nicholas calls a lawyer and demands to know if he needs to comply with a search warrant. He is disgusted that "those people" are believed above people like him and Clair. The search proves that Clair had Gabrielle's passport in the safe, though Nicholas insists it was just there for safekeeping and Gabrielle could have it back any time.

Nicholas thinks they can beat the charges, but Clair just wants to confess. She says she will be going to jail for at least two years and Nicholas must take care of Nicky even if he doesn't really love him. Clair accuses Nicholas of abusing her and causing her to abuse Gabrielle. They argue.

Meanwhile, Jeanette is forced to call on Carson for help so that she can raise Raelynn's daughters. Carson wants Jeanette to go back to being a housewife and stop talking about the rights of the farm workers. However, later when Laurie Anne is nasty to her about it he stands up for her and says their situation is not just one of convenience. Jeanette goes to see Raelynn in jail and she accuses her of looking for an excuse to go back to Carson. Jeanette tells her not to come around the girls if she can't stay clean.

Kimara tells Dustin she will be leaving soon and encourages him to actually talk to her. Dustin confesses the truth of what happened to Shae. Kimara is very upset. The cops search the webcam house and drag the river for Shae's body. Kimara wants to give Shae a proper burial but the cops are holding onto her body for evidence. Dustin is arrested and another social worker tells Kimara that that's better for him than going to a shelter. Kimara is upset about the whole thing. She decides to go to work for Abby and demands extra money so she can have her fertility treatments. She no longer cares about other people's agendas.

In the last scene, Raelynn, Dustin, and Clair go to trial and the bailiff announces that they are here so justice can be served. The ghosts of Shae, Billy, and Teo are shown in the back of the courtroom.

American Crime
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American Crime Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Dustin: They won't let me leave.
Kimara: Nobody's stopping you from going anywhere.
Dustin: Then why won't they let me leave?
Kimara: Because you're a minor. They want to make sure you have a safe place to go. Do you have anywhere to go?
Dustin: No.
Kimara: When I asked you before if you wanted us to call anybody, you didn't say anything. Do you want us to call someone?
Dustin: No.
Kimara: Do you want me to talk to them about getting you a bus voucher?
Dustin: No.
Kimara: Look, Dustin, I'm leaving soon. You're gonna be assigned another case worker.
Dustin: You don't care.
Kimara: What do you want me to do? You call me, I come. I come, you don't say nothing.

Clair: Want to say good morning to your father?
Nicky: Good morning, Daddy.
Clair: Can you.... say good morning to Nicky?