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Nicholas and Clair spend time in a pool hall and bar with Clair's friend Helen and some of their other friends. Nicholas constantly berates Clair, making fun of her having hired a nanny, especially one that doesn't speak English. Clair is upset by Nicholas' barbs, especially when she loses the game of pool, and says something in French to Helen that Helen refuses to translate. 

The next morning, Clair gives Nicholas the silent treatment. After not concentrating well during a business meeting, Nicholas confronts Helen and demand she tell him what Clair said, but she still refuses.

Meanwhile, Clair is kind to Gabrielle when she sees her writing letters to her son that she doesn't want to send, but later she moves her into a tiny closet of a room that is full of junk so that she can use her room as an office. When Helen tries to speak to Gabrielle in French, Clair cuts her off, but when she sees scratches on her hand later she tells her in English that she loves her and wants her to be part of the family.

Greg Stephens, who is working with some organization that wants to give a grant to Abby for her shelter, comes to see Kimara. Kimara is unhappy when she finds out Abby lied about how many people she has placed in the shelter. Abby doesn't see what the big deal is and thinks Kimara should fake her records so they can get the money to help more people and that Kimara is too obsessed with helping Shae.

Jeanette's sister covers for her when Carson calls, but doesn't understand why Jeanette and Carson have broken up. Later, Jeanette goes to the Career Center but finds she is not qualified for anything but a minimum wage job at a restaurant. When she gets home, Raelyn tells her she didn't want the girls to get used to her being here because it's temporary. Jeanette tells Raelyn about the job situation. Raelyn says this is what it is like now because the minimum wage freeze was buried in the bathroom bill and people let fear cause them to vote against their own interests. She again asks about Carson. Jeanette tells her that this isn't an episode or an incident, it's her whole life. She asks Raelyn if she ever gets overwhelmed, but Raelyn says she can't allow herself to because of the girls.

Shae strips online for a man and his wife, who is some sort of wheelchair, and gets 300 tokens. When she finds out she's not going to get paid very much, she demands more money. The guy running the organization laughs and tells her to get better clients and to ask Tracy for help. During a party, Shae sneaks into Tracy's room and tries to break into her computer. When Tracy catches her, she stabs her in the back of the neck. The kid who hired Shae is told that the important thing is to make sure the cops don't catch them and shut down their business and Shae is left to die and then thrown in the river.


American Crime
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American Crime Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Kimara: Abby, this is Kimara.
Abby: Hey. What's up?
Kimara: Abby, do you know Greg Stevens?
Abby: Uh huh.
Kimara: He asked me to confirm that I placed 105 people in your shelter. Hello?
Abby: Can we talk?
Kimara: That's what we're doing.
Abby: I can't do this in my office. So can we talk?
(After meeting in person)
Abby: I'm sorry Greg contacted you.
Kimara: Are you? Are you sorry he contacted me or sorry you committed fraud?

Claire: I wish I had put more into his early years. You get so stressed out , you know, that you don't realize how it's affecting you and then he's grown up and there's no stress anymore.
Nick: Yeah, cause you don't have to do anything. You got a nanny to do everything for you.
Claire: She doesn't do EVERYTHING.
Nick: No. She just does everything you're supposed to do. And here's the kicker, she only speaks French.
Claire: She's sweet.
Nick: Yeah, unless you tell her something in English. Then she just stares at you because she can't understand a word you're saying.