Nicholas' abuse of Clair contributes to her abuse of Gabrielle while Shae's attempt to assert herself ends in her murder on American Crime Season 3 Episode 6.

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On American Crime Season 3 Episode 6, Clair goes back and forth between being kind to Gabrielle and taking out her frustration on her. Before heading to a night out with her husband, she encourages Gabrielle to send her letters to her son. But then Nicholas is nasty to her, accusing her of being lazy and hiring a non-English speaking nanny to do her job for her. Clair is upset by Nicholas' constant verbal abuse and purposely makes fun of him in French to Helen, then gives him the silent treatment. Later, she makes Gabrielle move into a dark closet and is cold to her when Helen tries to speak to her in French.

Gabrielle has scratches on her hand that Clair says are self-inflicted. She dresses the wound and tells her in English that she wants her to be part of the family and that they all love her.

Meanwhile, Jeanette finds that life as an independent woman isn't as easy as what she's used to. She tries to get a job but is not qualified for anything but minimum wage jobs and it will take her nine months to get a certificate to do something more to her liking. Her sister Raelyn keeps encouraging her to return to Carson and doesn't understand what the reason for the rift is.

Kimara is devastated when she finds out Abby has fudged the number of people she has referred to the shelter in order to get a grant. Abby doesn't understand why Kimara won't just fake her records so that they can help more people.

Shae gets fed up with not getting paid for her online sex work, but her new bosses won't give her any satisfaction. When she takes matters into her own hands, it ends in trageddy.

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On American Crime Season 3 Episode 6, Nicholas takes his frustration out on Clair, while Shae feeling shortchanged leads to a tragic confrontation.

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American Crime Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Kimara: Abby, this is Kimara.
Abby: Hey. What's up?
Kimara: Abby, do you know Greg Stevens?
Abby: Uh huh.
Kimara: He asked me to confirm that I placed 105 people in your shelter. Hello?
Abby: Can we talk?
Kimara: That's what we're doing.
Abby: I can't do this in my office. So can we talk?
(After meeting in person)
Abby: I'm sorry Greg contacted you.
Kimara: Are you? Are you sorry he contacted me or sorry you committed fraud?

Claire: I wish I had put more into his early years. You get so stressed out , you know, that you don't realize how it's affecting you and then he's grown up and there's no stress anymore.
Nick: Yeah, cause you don't have to do anything. You got a nanny to do everything for you.
Claire: She doesn't do EVERYTHING.
Nick: No. She just does everything you're supposed to do. And here's the kicker, she only speaks French.
Claire: She's sweet.
Nick: Yeah, unless you tell her something in English. Then she just stares at you because she can't understand a word you're saying.