Gossip Girl Review: The End of Chair?

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Chuck Bass, you really blew it last night. Whatever your reasoning and whatever emotional baggage you carry, this one's on you man. Now get out there and fix it.

Sex, deceit and heartbreak all came together in the primary story line on last night's Gossip Girl episode, "Inglorious Bassterds," which was compelling to watch.

There were plenty of other developments, too, from Jenny's meddling to Danessa's squabbles, to Dorota's engagement and Eric's long-awaited reappearance.

We begin our review with the newest twist in the saga of Chair ...

Chuck goes to Jack to flat out beg for his hotel back, whatever the cost. Jack tells him that he’ll only sign the property over to his nephew under one condition.

He doesn't say, but we know what it is, and later, he spells it out matter-of-factly ... to Blair, who actually considers this indecent proposal to rescue her man.

The gut-wrenching twist came when we learned Chuck was in on this and tricked her into sleeping with Jack in a manner in which he made it feel like her call.

Blairly Fabulous
That Chuck Basstard

INDECENT PROPOSAL: Chuck blew it. Now it's up to him to win her back.

He's way too good at lying, which compounds Blair's pain at his willingness to give her up. It was doubly horrible in that she went along with it because she loves Chuck so.

Blair goes to meet Jack in the gorgeous Matthew Williamson gown he bought for the occasion, but just when their lips start to revoltingly touch, it's Jack who pulls back.

Smugly, he informs Blair how Chuck knew of the encounter ... and was all for it.

It was as confusing as his confession was painful to watch, and despite how convoluted and out of character it may have seemed, Ed Westwick once again sold us on it.

When Chuck tells Blair he did what he had to do, you can tell he knows he screwed up even if he won't say it. We could feel that slap reverberating through our screen.

With the damage done, Jack kicks Chuck in the stomach (figuratively) one last time on the way out the door, boasting that Blair will never love him after what he’s done.

But is that true? Or can he win her back?

This was great drama all around. However, we do question somewhat the re-emergence of Jack Bass simply for this purpose. Does he really have nothing better to do?

Also, while Chuck's decision was obviously terrible, the show did do a nice job of setting him up for it over a matter of months, with all the emotional damage incurred.

Moving on to the night's second biggest story, Serena pretended to ignore Nate’s birthday in order to surprise him that evening with a party. But when E tells J about it ...

You can see the wheels turning inside that scheming blond head as Jenny heads to Nate’s, pretending she’s the only one who remembered, just to steal some alone time.

All the while, she knows she can explain it away as just keeping up the surprise. Diabolical, J. That kiss she "accidentally" planted on him, too? Wow. Girl has no shame.

When they show up to the party, Serena sees what's going on and is not happy, and Nate eventually gets it through his man-bangs too and tells J they're just friends.

Serenate ends the episode fine as Jenny sulks ... but is this the last time Jenny wreaks havoc on this relationship? Would you actually like Jenny and Nate as a couple?

NJ State

OH, JENNY: Is Little Humphrey barking up the wrong tree?

Dan and Vanessa are dealing with their own relationship issues, which seem awfully vanilla compared to sex proposals and J's outright meddling, but are still realistic and cute.

He's trying to get into the Tisch writing program, and Vanessa wants to see the play Dan’s submitting to the program and offers her own script for a new short film in exchange.

Dan doesn’t love her script, and she doesn't like his. But they don't want to say it because they're dating now and can't be honest. Surprisingly believable relationship nuance.

They promise to be honest from now on, although there's a twist to this otherwise plain plot line as well - V is applying to the same program and hasn’t told him. Bold move, V.

On a lighter note, it was great to see Eric again after a long absence, and Vanya and Dorota are the sweetest couple ever. A more than solid episode all around in our opinion.

Now it's your turn to weigh in. What did you think of last night's Gossip Girl? Vote in our survey and comment on "Inglorious Bassterds" below ...

Inglorious Bassterds Review

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