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Shadow finds Mad Sweeney passed out but he wakes up and warns Shadow that he's in danger.

Wednesday, the Jinn, and Ibis are conferring about war when Shadow returns. Dismissing Ibis and the Jinn, Wednesday repairs Gungnir with wood from the now fully grown Yggdrasil tree in front of Shadow. He tosses is to Shadow and charges him to guard the spear as if it were Wednesday himself.

In Nashville, Mama-Ji spots Laura at the counter in her diner. She gives her some advice and Laura hitchhikes back to Shadow.

Mad Sweeney arrives at the funeral home and sits in on Bilquis presiding over a memorial. They discuss one version of his past.

Mad Sweeney wants to end his contract with Wednesday but Wednesday wants him to finish the deal they'd agreed on. Salim comes to talk to him and Sweeney tells him another version of his past.

Shadow and Sweeney talk and Sweeney steals his coin and extracts a promise that he won't get in the way when the time comes before he'll give it back.

Sweeney speaks with Mr. Ibis and together they remember his earliest story, as the Irish god that fought off all the invading gods. Sweeney realizes Wednesday has always been his enemy.

Wednesday toasts a meal with Bilquis, Ibis, the Jinn, Salim, and Shadow.

Sweeney arrives and clears the room in order to confront Wednesday. He fights Shadow for Gungnir, revealing the truth about Laura's car accident and the fact they'd had sex in New Orleans. When he attempts to attack Wednesday with Gungnir, Shadow intervenes and Mad Sweeney ends up impaled. He calls up his magic one more time and turns Gungnir into gold coins.

American Gods
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American Gods Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

I'm gonna tell you something. This is gallow's ground you're walking and there's a rope around your neck and a raven bird on each shoulder waiting for your eyes. The gallow's tree has deep roots. It stretches from heaven all the way down to hell. And this world is the only branch from which the rope is swinging.

Mad Sweeney

Y'know, you keeping hanging out under bridges, people are gonna start thinking you're a troll.