Mourning a Death - American Gods
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Eugenia, now with two coins over her eyes, is discussing breakfasts past, cracking eggs that always came with two yolks. She doesn't want Bilquis to worry about her. Her time on this earth is done. But she still frets about Shadow Moon.

Bilquis needs to find Shadow's soulmate, convince Shadow he's not a solo act.

When Bilquis opens the fridge, she sees Laura and Shadow merge into one. Perhaps Laura really is Shadow's soulmate. I didn't expect that.

An egg falls before Bilquis in the shape of the S. She uses her necklace to scry her needed location.

Mr. Ibis is talking about the center of America, a tourist destination that was never to be, now a soulless void, a wasteland that gods fear and men avoid. It's the perfect place to conduct diplomocy between divine enemies.

Shadow wonders why the peace talks didn't take place here, where they're powerless. Wednesday probably didn't like that notion.

Cordelia runs into Shadow's arms, happy to see him, carrying news of the five-foot bitch that straight-up harpooned Wednesday.

World arrives at Laura's room, and he doesn't recognize him. She wonders why he brought her here with a bunch of people who want to kill her. No god can harm her here, but she has to be patient. They have to deliver Wednesday's body first. He cannot allow the old gods to know they were in collusion. She wants out of the room, but since Shadow may not be under the same conditions as others, she's locked in.

Czernbog keeps Shadow from seeing Wednesday with talk of old Norse customs. Shadow is supposed to sit vigil for Wednesday, though. But that requires Shadow to be bounds to a tree for nine days and nights, a test for a god. There's no idea what it might do to a mortal.

Bilquis consults with the peacock.

Mr. Ibis begins writing about Shadow Moon.

Czernbog and the hotel woman have sex. Laura escapes to the air vents, stopping momentarily to peer at Shadow.

His windows fog over, and he sees his father reaching for his hand. Others behind walk toward him, speaking his name.

Shadow reaches for Wednesday's hand, and Shadow swings up on his horse behind him.

Laura reaches Wednesday before Shadow, hiding under Wednesday's body. Shadow struggles with removing the shroud, his face filled with emotion when he sees his dead father.

Shadow comforts Cordelia and vice versa.

World and his associates enter to talk about the foundations laid by the old gods. They just want peace, he says. He says they avowed of Norse custom to avenge the father's death. Shadow wants to do no such thing, but he agrees while in the room.

Laura spills her guts, nailing World in lies. Czernbog gives Shadow his hammer to bash in Laura's brains.

Shadow and Laura don't exactly get along when they speak, both of them swimming in their own stuff.

Laura returns to the hotel and imagines she killed Shadow instead of Wednesday.

She goes to sleep and dreams of being much different than she is now. Bilquis takes her hand, and they kiss.

She awakes to pounding at her door. It's Bilquis. Yep, Laura is Shadow's other half.

Shadow and friends arrive at a farm house where the World Tree can be found. Three women have been waiting for him. They talk in unison.

They need to prepare Shadow. He gets a bath in the water of time to wash away his past and prepare him for his future.

Shadow asks them if he's making the right decision.

An alarm is going off a World's headquarters. It looks like Tech Boy is consuming raw data in his search of artifact one. Where's the subbasement? The guy tries to cage Tech Boy's face, but it eats his face instead.

There is no turning back once Shadow's on the tree. Cordelia tries to step in to stop him. Shadow hopes to survive this and become something more. He'll see her in nine days.

When the tree starts to envelop him, Shadow is a bit concerned.

Tech Boy finds the artifact. When he touches it, he sees what appears to be the beginning of everything from the bible to the light bulb to an atomic bomb.

He represents human progress, and with every evolution of technology, he forgets who he is, the most powerful of all of them.

Left trapped, he wonders who the fuck Mr. World actually is.

Shadow tries to talk himself into living. Shadow asks for water, and it begins to snow. He tries to catch the flurries on his tongue, but then he starts to freeze. Enough! But it's a blizzard.

It's cotton, and he's on a plantation. He sees the slaves, and he cries.

The branches begin to encircle him tighter, and the white buffalo visits as the branches penetrate Shadow's abdomen. Bleeding from his mouth, he passes out. The branches begin circling his head.

Shadow imagines himself on an airplane. Beside him is a Pastie, but it's filled with worms. Wednesday sits across the aisle. It's the day they met. An old woman on the screen in front of him warns of a conman.

Appealing to his godly ambition got Wednesday what he wants. Wednesday needed a martyr. He opens the plane door and jumps.

Shadow dies while Cordelia, Ibis, and Czernbog watch only moments after uttering his father's name.

As they prepare to leave, Wednesday's body disintegrates, the cover flying away. Mr. Ibis says this is something far worse than the death of their gods.

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American Gods Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Mr. Ibis: Faithful to the last, they always stay close to their master.
Shadow: They're with me now.

Help is what Shadow needs to steer him in the right direction. He's a special one, alright. Trouble is, he knows it now. But that ain't your never mind. What you need to do is find the other, his soul mate. Convince him he ain't no solo act. Yes, indeed. That tall order falls to you.