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Cordelia is driving along the highway doing pretty much everything BUT driving.

At the Skyline Inn, pancakes are on order. They look yummy. But whoever is eating them drops his fork. Oh! It's Wednesday. It's imperative that they're in Chicago tonight.

Yay! Liam is on the road with Laura. He's flipping the coin over and over. She's thrilled for him, but she's got bigger things on her mind. Liam needs to teach her how to use the spear, which is just smashing around the back of the hearse.

There's a festival in Lakeside. It seems to be the excitement over the melting of the lake and the big klunker reveal. He arrives home, tentatively ready to knock on Marguerite's door. He was hoping the could talk. But she got a call. Something happened.

Oh no. It's the poor kid they caught stealing panties, Derek. He hung himself. Allison's coat is in the back of the kid's closet.

World says goodbye to Tech Boy, who is still splayed out on the conference table. He's leaving for business, but when they get back, they'll have fun.

When World leaves, Tech Boy removes the face plate and asks the faceless guys about article number one by putting his fingers right into their heads.

Shadow still wants to speak with Marguerite, but she's not interested. She's having a tough time with Derek. Shadow doesn't think that things add up with the kids in this town, Derek, Allison, Sandy. That stops her in her tracks.

The way Marguerite responds to what he says suggests she might already know that Sandy is missing.

It doesn't look like Laura is going to take this training thing seriously. As with everything, she seems to think it should be easy for her. When Liam guides her from behind, she's a little, shall we say, interested.

Her first toss is garbage. Her second is garbage, as well. It's not Liam's problem, though, so he can leave now and be at the craps table in the morning. He loans her the coin, and she tosses again. All she needed was a little luck.

Czernbog isn't all that excited to see Wednesday smoking on his couch. Wednesday's talk of peace angers Czernbog. Wednesday promised war! Now, Wednesday wants Czernbog to be his second in peace talks. The man he knows would never say please, so Czernbog wonders if Wednesday lost his balls.

Shadow listens to the tape from the car with Sandy's voice, and while he does, Allison's missing poster and the books nearby freeze over with ice. Shadow is on the right track.

He begins going through past issues of the paper and noting the children who have gone missing. There is a whole string of them.

Shadow goes to Chad with what he learned. Chad listened to him about Derek, and now they're in this mess, so he's not eager to listen to him again.

The Ice Festival looks fun. Leon made an incredible ice statue. Ann-Marie offers him some cocoa. She doesn't want to let the sad Derek affair ruin their perfect festival. As she reminds him how harsh their winters can be, he spies an ice sculpture in the shape of a god, and when he approaches, the coin manifests from the trunk on the elephant. The trunk.

Shadow is on the ice, making his way toward the car. He can't get the trunk open, so he tries one of the doors. The entire car is encrusted in ice, but he opens the door and pops the trunk.

The ice shifts beneath his feet as he makes it around to the back of the car again, and inside the trunk, he finds Allison just before the ice cracks and he plummets into the icy water.

There is a pile of cars below, and he sees Allison's spirit rise out of the trunk. She smiles at him, and other spirits begin rising from other trunks.

One of the children shows him the way out of the water, and he swims to three people reaching down for him.

Tomorrow is the big day, and Laura is nervous as hell. She might die tomorrow, so can they have sex? He's up for the gig, but then she remembers that she used to find people to have sex when she was anxious, and she shouldn't do that. It's not him, she says. He's fine. Or, very attractive.

Laura hasn't had real, alive sex since Robbie, so it's not good. They shouldn't do that. Liam thinks she needs a plan for when she'd done with Wednesday.

Liam says she's all wound up about this one thing, and she needs to look elsewhere.

Shadow arrives home and says, "Honey, I'm home." He appears to be dreaming of a life with Marguerite which means that's the last thing he's going to get.

They have a baby, and she tries to drown him. He wakes in the bathtub.

Czernbog drags his hammer to the roof looking for guidance from Zorya. He pounds the hell out of the roof, which rocks the hell out of the ceiling below. Cordelia is sensing a pattern.

Czernbog returns. They'll leave in the morning, after he wakes up.

It's Ann-Marie's bath. She treated him for hypothermia, warming him up from the inside. She thinks he should be dead, but his good fortune doesn't stop there. He won the klunker contest, too. That's when he realizes Ann-Marie killed them. She explains herself and her Norse protection sacrifices, but Shadow isn't interested. Wednesday collected a debt, and now she has to deliver. Chad tries to save the day, but he's quickly overcome. Shadow, though, can save the day. Picking a familiar knife off of the wall, he slices Ann-Marie's throat, releasing her true essence, and her blood sets the house on fire.

Wednesday and Cordelia are at the planetarium. It's the perfect place to bring it all to an end. He gives her his necklace. It's time for her to go.

World arrives for the peace talks. War and bloodshed do both of them home, and fighting amongst themselves demeans godhood itself. The new gods offer is their lives and freedom to disappear in any corner of America they choose. The other option is Shard.

Czernbog is prepared for war. Wednesday calls a close to today's peace talks.

Marguerite is packing to move, surprising Shadow.

When Sandy took off, she really thought he went to live with his dad, but when time went on, she chose to believe it because she had to. She's going to Milwaukee to work for her friend at the Journal Sentinel. Shadow thinks he'd like Milwaukee, but then he discovers he's not going along. Maybe, if he ever finds himself there?

Laura arrives. Hey fucker! She poises the spear, and the skies darken all around. Clasping the coin, she tosses it. Czernbog aims at her head with the hammer, and Liam tosses her into the snow. When Liam is under the line of fire, she tosses him the coin, and when he's hit, he disappears into fire. Meanwhile, the molten spear penetrates Wednesday and the light goes out.

Shadow can feel it, and two crows arrive outside his window.

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American Gods Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

I'll sleep when I'm dead.


Shadow: You deserve the truth.
Marguerite: The truth doesn't get me out of bed in the morning. It doesn't do my job, or take Leon to school or hockey practice or sleepovers, so don't fuckin' preach to me about the truth!