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In 1954, a mother is cooking dinner when her son is taken by aliens.

The kid returns and things take an explosive turn when she blows up her husband's head.

Dwight's vacation is cut short when he's asked to go to the wreckage of an alien crash.

He finds Amelia Earhart who says that it is 1937.

As surgeons operate on an alien, they realize there are no organs.

A bit of mass comes out and blows both of the heads off.

The alien from the beginning returns and blows heads off of the government officials.

In 2021, we meet Kendall, Jamie, Troy, and Cal.

The four go on a vacation to the dessert and Kendall talks them into ditching their cell phones at home.

The first night goes fine, but the next morning, they go on a hike and a new location has appeared.

This causes problems for everyone when they find sliced in half cows. Kendall touches one and it wakes up.

The group rushes away from the the scene and they are shocked when the car stops in the desert.

A bright light appears and they awaken in new seats.

When they return home, they are all dehydrated and being sick ... until they realize they are all pregnant.

American Horror Story
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American Horror Story Season 10 Episode 7 Quotes

Those dorms were small. First, you know, you jack off at the same time in the dark, and then you just start doing it together, and before you know it you’re late for your Great Thinkers of Enlightenment class because you have your best friend’s d–k in your mouth.


Those half-f–king cows were f–king mooing.