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Last night's initial round of Hollywood auditions was an organized, mostly talented mess.

Contestants took the stage in groups of eight, passing the microphone down the line and singing brief snippets of various songs. We did our best to keep track of each contestant. Enjoy this recap:

- Lil Rounds gets a standing ovation for belting out "I Will Always Love You." She's clearly going for.

- Dennis Brigham is not. Simon calls his facial expressions "insane."

-  Nathaniel Marshall cries a lot and says he wants to win Idol so bad that it's "on his skin." Is there a lotion for that?

- Anoop Desai is geeky, but talented; also, a bit boring.

- Jasmine Murray impresses, better than her original audition.

- Rose Flack looks really nervous. We like her dreadlocks, though. She advances.

- Stephen Fowler is surprisingly good, don't remember him from his first audition

- Jorge Nunez? We definitely remember you. Very good audition. Lots of potential.

- Von Smith is overly dramatic, as Simon calls his try out "indulgent nonsense," and "really annoying." Somehow, he make it through along with the aforementioned two guys.

- Nick Mitchell, Scott McIntyre and Frankie Jordan all make it through.

- Jackie Tohn kicks off day two from Hollywood. She goes for a tooth-grinding performance that Randy and Paula somehow like.

- Jamar Rogers takes the stage, along with his best friend, Danny Gokey who recenytly lost his wife. They both receive approval to sing again in Hollywood.

- Hey, it's bikini girl Katrina Darrell! She's wearing clothing, but still making out with Ryan. Her group makes it through, likely for temporary entertainment value.

- Jeremy Michael Sarver, the oil roughneck, is still fantasic.

- Jesus Valenzuela - remember his adorable kids from his first audition - improves upon his original try out.

- In the final group, we have David Osmond, Erika Wesley, and Emily Wynne-Hughes. David and Erika do okay, but Emily chooses a No Doubt song that she hasn't rehearsed. Big mistake.

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