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Days before American Idol takes it show to the live Hollywood rounds, here's a look at four contestants that received golden tickets at the recent New York/San Juan auditions:

  • Jackie Tohn is a 27-year old actress. She's appeared on The Sopranos and sang "I'm Yours" at first. The judges balked, but handed over a Hollywood ticket for improved second song, "I'll Do It All."
  • Jorge Nunez auditioned in San Juan with"My Way" in Spanish. He then impressed judges with "What a Wonderful World" in English. Randy Jackson called this 20-year old's performance "brilliant."
  • Monique Garcia Torres is just 16-year old. While the panel said her song choice was actually too mature (she sang"You Can't Hurry Love" and "I Turn To You"), no matter: she's off to Hollywood!
  • Patricia Lewis Roman brought a big family with her. Simon hated the song choice of this 20-year old, but "I Wanna Dance with Somebody" ws soon forgotten when she wowed judge with a Spanish tune. Relatives go crazy when she walks out with golden ticket.
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