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The contenders on the female side separated themselves from the pretenders this week. In our view, it's easy to see who should go home (sorry, Lacey and Paige) and also easy to see who has a chance to actually win this (hi, Crystal and Siobhan).

Following a rushed hour, in which Fox squeezed all eight remaining women into one hour, we've ranked our top five below:

  1. Crystal Bowersox: We have a feeling she'll remain in this spot for a long time. Breaking out the electric guitar this week, Crystal didn't totally rock out, but she showed yet another side to her awesome self.
  2. Siobhan Magnus: She could definitely win this thing. What a unique sound. Unlike Crystal, who we look forward to seeing on the guitar each week, it's impossible to know what Magnus will do from performance to performance. But that's a good thing.
  3. Didi Benami: Was very nice to see our post-Hollywood favorite step back into a top spot. It's unclear how far she can go, though, because any woman that plays the guitar will be compared to Crystal... and pale in that comparison.
  4. Lilly Scott: We'd love to hear something modern from the singer. Even something written in the last decade would be nice.
  5. Katie Stevens: Is there a reason why the judges continually bring up Katie's age? Yes, she's 17. Get over it. They tell her to sing a younger song and have fun... but also to show deep emotion and... I don't even know what. She seems to be scrutinzed more than any other contestant.

Who was your favorite on the night?

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