American Idol Review: Top 8 Women Perform

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The top eight women took to the stage tonight, but you'll forgive us if we only focus on two below, right?

Crystal Bowersox and Siobhan Magnus have officially separated themselves from the pack.

Do we even need to go into detail with the former? She showed off a new, quasi rocker side this week by strumming an electric guitar. Just like the male favorite, Casey James, did last Tuesday. We hate to quote Kara, but it really is easy to see what kind of artist Crystal would be - and we'd totally purchase her CD!

Top Eight Women

Magnus, meanwhile, is different from Bowersox in that we have no clue what she'll do from week to week. But she exhibits a maturity and a confidence far beyond her years.

Not to mention a versatile, impressive voice. These two women also possess unique looks and attitudes that are refreshing for the American Idol stage.

Who would we send home? We fear that Katie Stevens will get the boot this week, but we're on her side after the judges continue to give her such conflicting advice.

We'd eliminate Paige and Lacey, as both have decent voices, but let's be honest: neither will win this season. And we we cut contestants down to the final 12 on Thursday, we need to keep our eye the biggest prize.

Check out top five rankings from last night and then write in with your favorites from the evening.

Top 8 Women Perform Review

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