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TheyCody leaves a cigarette burning on the couch while he and Nicky go into the bedroom.

Baz tells Lucy he likes her being there with him. 

Deran talks to the woman who he's trying to bar from. She wants the money ASAP because she's got other buyers. He has a week to get it to her.

Pope watches Lena sleep then wakes her up for school. Smurf comes in and tells Pope Lena hasn't seen Baz for four days. Pope takes her to school.

Nicky finds the couch on fire. She tries to put it out as she calls Craig. He's zonked out and she's not too worried.

J cooks breakfast for Smurf.

Nicky calls Smurf to get help. J calls 911. Smurf tells her what to do with the drugs and guns.

Pope takes Lena home to change and Pope discovers Baz is with someone. Pope tries to take her out before Lena sees or hears but it's too late. Lena runs to the sounds thinking it's her mother but obviously it not.

Smurf arrives at the scene and lays into Craig.

Lucy and Baz drop Lena off at school.

Craig and J are driving with Deran who tries to talk J into moving out of the house. 

Smurf asks Nikki what's going on with Craig. She invites Niky to stay with her for a while.

Deran and Craig arrive at the church they're going to hit. Pope and Baz arrive and do their thing.

Deran and Craig go up to where the air conditioning unit is and talk about karma. Craig doesn't like hitting the church. Baz, Pope and J do their thing. J finds the safe and takes pictures.

The woman from the stage area comes and talks to Pope. She flirts with him while she tell him about the church.

Smurf changes the codes and locks on all her properties.

At Baz's place they talk about the job. Craig doesn't want to do it. Baz wants to wait a couple of weeks for the big money to arrive. Deran is upset and leaves. When everyone is gone, Baz tells Pope they need to work together and have a united front.

Pope asks Craig why Deran needs money. He needs 16 grand. 

Smurf goes to a storage facility and pulls out some money and a large diamond ring.

Lucy gets back to Baz's place. She's upset that Lena is staying with Baz. Lucy leaves. She doesn't think they work well together as a couple except only at night.

Pope confronts Deran. He tries to convince Deran not to rob a bank. Pope has an alternative job that might be of interest to Deran.

Deran and Craig case a restaurant.

Smurf get her ring apppraised. She tells the lady to watch out for Baz.

The mobile restaurant closes and they pursue.

Baz has hired a private investigator and he comes up empty. Baz wants to know if she's dead.

The boys try to take over the truck and they are surprised when the truck owners have guns and star shooting. 

J is doing homework when Nicky comes in wearing his pants. She tells him what happened and that Smurf said she could stay with her. J tells her what's going on. 

Deran and friends celebrate their take. Deran talks about Baz. Pope tells them that Smurf wants them to turn against each other. His brothers give Deran their cut of the job so he can have his money for the bar (even though Pope doesn't know what he needs the money for).

Baz blows up at Lena and Pope yells at him for being such a bastard. Baz insults him before he takes Lena for a walk.

Smurf remembers the good times with the boys.

Pope ends up at the church with Lena and sees the woman he met before. She's very awkward around him. 

The bar lady gives him the details about the bar and what to do and not do.

Craig goes back to his place to see what everything looks like.

Baz is in Mexico to talk to Lucy. He apologizes for not telling her about Lena then lies that Catherine left because of Lucy. 

Smurf apologizes to J for not asking him if it was okay if Nicky stayed at the house. The phone rings and J answers it. It's Jake who tells J that Manny has died and when the wake is. Smurf invites J to go to the wake with him. He agrees.



Animal Kingdom
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Animal Kingdom Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

You gotta ski mask?


Baz: You know what, Pope, why don't you figure out your own shit before you start telling me how to raise my kid.
Pope: Her mother left and you're banging some woman she's never seen before in her mother's bedroom. It's not Lena's fault that your girlfriend doesn't like your kid.
Baz: You don't know shit and you never will. You get that? No one is ever going to have a kid with you.