No guns. No cash. Nothing. He never transferred the money!


Smurf: How does she look?
Andrew: Pregnant and strung out.

Pope: Is the guy you broke in with the dad? Is Baz the dad?
Julia: Maybe. I don't know who the dad is. It's a boy.

Craig: I'm not gonna make it man.
Deran: That's bullshit!
Craig: I'm not going to make it, just stop.
Deran: I'm not stopping.
Craig: Deran, stop. Just stop.

Pope: She wanted me to be stronger than I was. She wanted me to pretend that I was normal, and I wasn't normal. Your mother was the strong one and I was the weak one.
J: She loved you. She always loved you. She never stopped. She loved all of you. You just didn't do shit for her. All of you. Pope: It's all my fault.
J: You could've helped her. You could've helped me, but you didn't.
Pope: None of this would've happened, not your mother, not Cath, not Baz none of it. I should've been there for you, for your mother. Just go. Just go!

Craig: Deran, Thailand, Renn.
Deran: I promise you, I'll raise Nick like he's my own, okay? I'll take care of Renn. They'll never have to worry about a thing okay? I promise. I promise.

Smurf: Rehab, for you, again, waste of money. You got something to say, Andrew? Say it. Let's try this again, go on, baby, take it. This is the last bit of cash that you and that little bastard are ever going to get from me.
Julia: Andrew, come with us. Please, you need to get away from her, come with us.
Smurf: Get out of my car now.
Julia: Andrew, please!
Smurf: Oh, you wanna go, go. Baby, you know there's no turning back, though. Once you're out, you're out.
Julia: Andrew, please, we need you. Please!

Pope: We trusted you. We made you part of the family. We brought you in, and we trusted you! And you set us up to die. My brothers, to die! You think you're so smart, why did you come back here, J? To set your alibi when the cops came?
J: No, I had heat. I had heat, I was trying to tell you.
Pope: You kill this girl?
J: I had to, man, she was going to call the cops, and I was going to come to find you.
Pope: No more lies! It didn't have to be this way. But you are who you are and you did what you did, so you know what happens next.
J: You deserved it. All of you. For what you did to my mom, you deserved it. You deserved it! You could have saved her. You could've saved her, but you didn't.

Penny: I won't tell anyone you know.
J: I know.

Hey, look at me. Get your shit together.

Pope [to Deran]

Deran: Shit, this is on me. This on me. I trusted, J.
Pope: We all did.
Craig: Yeah, we did.

Deran: How much does she know?
J: The truth that we're selling everything and splitting it up. That's it.

Animal Kingdom Quotes

Craig: I guess we're Lutheran. Who knew?
Daren: It must have been the cheapest.

Your mom just died, man. It's a free pass.