Deran: She's not on the menu.
Billy: Maybe not for you.

Craig, take me to see my son tomorrow. I want to see Baz.


Craig: You've been acting weird all day.
Pope: That's just my personality, bro.

We just robbed a plane.


You got a slick operation, Janine. It's slick enough that your boys can run it without you. They've grown up. They don't need you. I don't think they even want you.


Billy: So let me ask you this? Do you think you could ever call me dad?
Deran: No.

I should've locked you in the closet for three weeks.


Are you Smurf? Welcome home.


Baz is family.


Billy: Smurf? You out?
Smurf: Surprise.

Pope: Why we taking a junkie on the job?
Deran: What do you want me to do? Leave him at the house?

Pope: You know, this is the most complicated job we've planned without Baz. If we get caught, it's serious time, man.
Deran: Well, we're not gonna get caught.
Pope: Well, you're in charge. That means it's all on you if it goes south.