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Marco is still tied up in the warehouse. He's pissed.

Smurf goes into the shower when J is showering. She wants him to run an errand with her and then she makes a comment about him being grown up. Eww.

Deran is hanging out with Adrian at the bar. Adrian suggests Deran gets a place on the boardwalk.

Craig is driving with Pope who parks by Lena's foster home. Pope is testy. He is going to kidnap Lena and asks Craig to get him some driver's licenses and passports for them.

Then Pope asks Craig to adopt Lena. They both get a 911 message from Smurf and take off. They go to the warehouse where Pete is waiting for them. She gives him more money.

Pete leaves and she starts lecturing about the money Baz stole. She still blames Lucy. The boys are still against going to Mexico. She shows them where Marco is tied up.

The boys go outside to talk about the situation. They decide they are handling the hostage situation without her. J is tasked with bringing Lucy to the warehouse.

Lucy is doing paperwork when she gets a call from Smurf. Lucy pretends she doesn't know what Smurf's talking about. 

J tells Mia what's going on. He wants her help because he's afraid to go by himself. He thinks he's going to get killed.

Smurf starts manipulating Pope again...playing on his emotions about Baz.

J gets back to the warehouse with bulletproof vests. Smurf won't let J wear a vest.

Lucy shows up at a restaurant to meet J. Mia is there in the back of the restaurant. Lucy knows that Mia is his friend. They leave to go meet Smurf at the warehouse.

Lucy has Smurf's stuff. They bring out Marco. The cash isn't there only the jewels. She claims the boys got their cut before Baz was killed. They give Marco back to Lucy and take the suitcases.

Marco's guys untie him and Marco grabs a gun. Pope gets shot and a shootout happens. J protects Smurf. Marco is shot too. Lucy and her people take off. Pope is gone.

They all go back to Smurf's house. Craig wants to get Pope back now. They're trying to formulate a plan. They're also all freaked out.

All hell breaks loose in the Cody household. Craig starts blaming J and J is not thrilled.

Lucy is stopped in the desert. Marco is dead and they have Pope tied up. Lucy is ready to kill him and pulls out her gun.

Smurf thanks J for saving her life. 

Lucy is back home washing up. Pope is still alive. She forces Pope to look at dead Marco. They put him on a chair. Lucy is very upset about Marco.

Pope tells her she lied about the money. Lucy is still insisting that it's about Baz dying. She brings up Catherine. The put a bag over Pope's head. Smurf gets a call from Lucy on Pope's phone. She wants to talk to Smurf face to face. They set up a meeting. Lucy tells Smurf that Marco is dead.

Smurf tells the boys she's going to meet Lucy and that she doesn't know if Pope is alive or not. She also tells them that Marco is dead.

J meets Mia outside. He tells her what happened.

Craig is drinking and is still pissed talking with Deran. Craig tells Deran about Pope's earlier plan to kidnap Lena.

Smurf arrives at the courthouse to meet Lucy. Lucy brings up Baz. Smurf says that Lucy killed Baz by turning him against his family. And Smurf admits she had Baz killed.

Lucy gives Smurf a key to where Pope is. Smurf goes there. Pope is there with teh black bag over his head. He's alive.She takes him home. Pope tells her he knows she killed Baz.






Animal Kingdom
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Animal Kingdom Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Craig: You kidnapped Marco?
Smurf: I did what I had to do.

I've always done what I thought was best for the family. I know it hasn't always been popular, but it has always been the right thing to do.