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Flashback: Janine is on the side of the road vomiting while Colin watches.

Pope is asking everyone about Angela and where she might be. He tells J that Smurf is home.

Craig tells Deran about Renn and the baby at Smurf's house. She comes into the kitchen and tells them about the job. She refuses to talk about her illness which upsets the boys.

The boys talk about the job and assign tasks.

Smurf is planning a party. Craig is sentimental about the job and why Smurf is doing it.

J asks Pope about what's going to happen after Smurf dies. He also talks about Julia. He gets a call from Olivia who knows who he is and what he does. 

Adrian meets with a lawyer about his charges.

Pope and Deran talk about the job and Deran wants to talk about Smurf.

Craig arrives at the hospital. Renn's mother is there. Renn convttinces him to take her mother to eat.

J meets with Olivia who blackmails him.

Flashback. Janine and Colin arrive back at Manny's place. Manny has a job.

Smurf is organizing her party.

Deran gets home and finds out Adrian told his sister everything. 

Manny talks to Colin about Janine's pregnancy. He tells Colin if he wants to dump Janine, they can.

Deran doesn't want to talk to Craig about what's going on with him. He starts asking about the baby.

Olivia confronts J and he tells her off.

Renn's mom tells Craig she's planning on adopting the baby.

Pope looks for Angela at work and can't find her.

J turns the tables on Olivia.

Craig tells Renn's mother she's not getting the baby.

Pope goes to the taco place asking questions.

Flashback. The crew does the heist and Janine starts barfing as they take off.

J tells Olivia off.

Flashback. Janine is in bed when Colin comes in. He's not going to abandon her.

Janinie is making the final touches to her party when her cop friend comes in and tells her he knows who the rat is.

The party is on when Angela returns. Pope chases her down and learns she got high. He locks her in the bathroom.

Craig tells Smurf about Renn and the baby. She doesn't look happy. Then he leaves.

Janine tells Deran to fix the problem with Adrian or she'll tell Pope.

Craig goes back to the hospital and he and Renn come up with a name for baby.





Animal Kingdom
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Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

Pope: How do you know this guy?
Smurf: I've done business with him over the years.
Pope: And you decided you want to rip him off?
Smurf: I didn't say I liked doing business with him, did I?

Deran: She taught us how to fight and lie and cheat and steal. Not exactly mother of the year material.
Pope: Did you ever have an empty stomach? Did you ever sleep in a car?
Deran: There you go defending her. Always defending her after everything she's done to you.
Pope: You're my brother. When you call me with a problem, I show up. We're family whether you like it or not. Family.