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  • Pope wakes up with ashes covered over him and in the pool 
  • Deran wakes up on the beach after having a thresome with newlywed husbands who want to do it again. 
  • J calls Gloria to talk about Smurf' estate and see if Pamela got in touch but she tells him that Pamela hasn't. He's buying stolen bikes off of some kids.
  • Craig gets angry again that ZZ, another customer of Renn's, comes to the house looking for her. He kicks him off the property and he and Renn get into it over her drug dealing from the home before she send Craig away.
  • Young Pope is playing with a knife again and Pamela stops him. Smurf mentions that she has a lead on a job, and Pam sends the kids out of the room to talk to Smurf. She tells Smurf that if she gets caught she won't  take care of the kids.
  • Deran and Craig talk about the cartel job. Deran has reservations about it. Craig tells him they'll just walk if there's any issue.
  • Smurf meets up with Jake, who is now married, and Manny, She approaches them about a quick job. 
  • Manny poses as a gardener to the housekeeper and Jake and SMurf go into Marcus' home to steal. 
  • Pope shows up with a truck and they wonder where he's been. Deran in particular seemse to notice something is off with him.
  • Smurf pretends to be a one night stand to distract another maid.
  • The boys have a long treacherous trek to the plan. They find it and discover the drugs not cash. J acts like he doesn't know that's what would be in there the whole time.
  • A drone shows up  and it's not theirs. Craig shoots it down. Then some other guys are shooting at them from up above. 
  • The Boy have to make a harrowing escape while Pope takes down at least one of the guys on ATVs coming after them. 
  • Smurf takes the cash and gun and Manny and Jake take everything else. Jake tries to check in on Smurf. 
  • J tells them that he has a deal with Pete to sell the drugs. They wonder what else they don't know and Pope teells them about J's bowling alley, laundry mat, and condo. J claims  he stole from Smurf not them, but Deran and Craig don't see it that way.
  • J tells Pope he planned to tell the others about the properties when the time was right. Pope asks him what he did when his mom died. J wonders what he means by the qustion, but Pope can't elaborate. 
  • Pam finds out about Smurf's job and goes off of Smurf. She then demands her cut for a founder's fee and kicks her out. 
  • The husbands track Deran down and want another round because they thnke he's a great lay.
  • Smurf calls Jake for a ride to Oceanside. 
  • Craig tells Renn not to sell from the hoouse and quit because he doesn't want her in jail because Nick will need her.
  • Deran makes one of the husbands watch as he has sex with the other one causing some tension. 
  • J tels Pete about the job, but he finds out that he has to hold the drugs until Pete finds one buyer to get all of it wholesale.
  • J meets an old friend of Nicky's and gets an update on her getting married to a marine. She hits on J. 
  • Deran kicks out the one husband. 
  • Pope watches video footage of what he did to the ashes, and sees that he sprinkled some on Smurf's bed. He lays beside them.
Animal Kingdom
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Animal Kingdom Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

Pamela: A job, huh?
Smurf: I'm just checking a few things out. If anything pans out, I'll let you know.
Pamela: If you get picked, I'm not taking care of your kids. I'm calling family services.

Renn: You got an eye problem?
Craig: I can't help it. Your boobs look amazing right now.