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  • Renn is let into the plan for the job to steal the safe.
  • Smurf gets a new place. Manny has some thoughts about her spending so much money. 
  • Smurf: It's good for Andrew to be by the beach. The ocean calms him.
  • Craig is pissed at Deran for letting Renn on the job before telling him about it. 
  • Deran is dismissive of Craig's feelins about bringing in Renn and can't understand why his brother is worried so much especially about a woman whose cousins almost hurt Craig before. 
  • Pope is out in the desert. He's talking to Smurf and expressing anger at her for not telling him about his dad, wantting him to die too. He pulls a gun out while driving and holds it beneath his chin. He almost gets in an accident and veers off the road. He sees a sign that resonates with him and follows it. 
  • Max, a local criminal comes to beat Jake up at the trailer home because Smurf has been making moves in his town. 
  • Pope stumbles upon a religous group run from an ordained minister Micky. 
  • The boys meet up with Pam for the job, she gives them more information and says that they'll discuss the next steps later which sparks the boys to get irritated with her for implying that it'll take more for her to give them back the estate. 
  • One of Marions' workres is suspicous of them at the job when they come in as construction workers needs to do some work, and they have to move faster. 
  • They tell Renn to turn the music up louder, and she pays off the DJ to do it, but she stands out too much and catches Marion's eye who inquires about her. 
  • Renn flirts with Marion, and she uses that to distract him, but at some point he wants the music cut to make a speech and hears all the drilling which he goes to take care of.
  • Marion confonts J. He pays the owner not to work demo on days. J tells them the job is burned, but Deran refuses to listen to them. 
  • They get through the wall and it's not Marion's office like they thought. It's a storage room. 
  • Deran thinks they'll have time to get the safe through a window in the office once they drill through the wall again. 
  • Marion's friend Warren calls him back to tell him that he did't have construction signed off that day.
  • Marion heads up to get in the office, but the boys have it closed off, and when Renn comes up to see what's happening, Marion suspects she has something to do with it and has his guys hold her. 
  • They toss the safe out the window and jump out just in time for the men to come barreling through and one of them juumps on the van. Renn stabs the guy holding her hostage in the leg and escapes.
  • They beat up the guy who climbs into the van.
  • When Deran seems too callous and Craig is still worried about Renn, they get into a fight and J has to break things up. Craig tells Deran that he esounds like Smurf and they should all be making the calls.
  • Deran doesn't want to hand the safe over yet. 
  • Pope meets a woman named Cassandra at the place. 
  • Micky the leader of the cult church group wants Pope to drink something. Pope does. 
  • Anderew tells Smurf about Max Cross beating up Jake and Smurf tells Julia to stop crying.
  • The drugs start working on Pope and he steps away from the group. Cassandra follows him and asks what he says, and he says he see someone that he used to know. She makes him think of Cath. 
  • Deran tells Pamela that he won't turn anythnig over until she signs a memorandoum that she's givgint them the estate. Pamela tells Deran that Smurf must've did this so that he knew there was always someone they could turn to.
  • Hopped up on adrenaline, Renn has sex with Craig and thinks she knows why he doe sit. 
  • Brian, one of the others at the church place says he can see Pope for who he really is and wants him out becuae of the darkness. 
  • Officer Chadwick approaches J about being on the take in this new era. J agrees to it and asks to see the fils on their famly.
  • Smurf: If you ever come near my kids again, I'll kill you. 
  • Janine confronts Max and makes a deal to give him 30% of her takes but refuses to give him two grand and threatens to kill him if he comes near her kids.
  • Cassandra and Pope hang out in the desert and lay down in the middle of the road. She says she's not scared of him. She also seems to defy death after barely getting run over by a car. 
  • Deran returns to the Cody house after the job and seems content with his actions.
Animal Kingdom
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Animal Kingdom Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

Listen, you gotta get that bitch in line, you hear me? I don't want to do this to a woman, but I will. C'mon. Max Cross. Welcome to my town.


Craig: You don't think it's bad enough that I have to worry about my own ass on these jobs but now I have to worry about Renn too?
Deran: Since when do you worry about anything? Renn can take care of herself, man.
Craig: You should've asked me on principle.
Deran: So now you have principles?