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  • J goes to Smurf, Baz, and his mother's gravesite to see them as he prepares for the big prison break.
  • Pope talks to the cops about many of his heists and that he's a professional thief. He says things in order to get a transfer to a better prison, but presumably so he can get busted out during transport.
  • He offers up another body. Colby Bennett.
  • The others prep for the breakout.
  • Smurf goes to handle her business and learns that someone must have taken some of her money. She figures out it was probably Julia.
  • Craig catches up with Renn who is in Thailand with Nick already.
  • Penny is there to sign the paperwork with the guys and feels uncomfortable by how they're not chatty. J gets a one time authorization to transfer the funds.
  • Out in the desert they find the body.
  • Craig and Deran set up the place where they'll be making their transfers, get the guns and such ready and the other cars ready.
  • When Julia comes home, Andrew tells her that Smurf is in her room. Smurf has ransacked the room, found the money stash, and she kicks Julia out with nothing. She slaps her and drags her out of the house.
  • Julia pleads for Andrew to help but he's in shock.
  • Penny asks J about why things are so tense with his uncles.He tells her he's geting away from his uncles and wants to take her to fiji or the virgin islands with him. She seems hesitant. He tells her he loves her.
  • Smurf goes to Baz's place to ensure that he knows Julia can't stay there if he wants everything that she gave him.
  • J suggests slipping a chip to Pope when he sees him so that they can track him if necessary. Deran is hesitant but Craig agrees.
  • Julia keeps calling the house but Smurf won't answer and won't let Andrew answer either.
  • J updates Pope and plants the GPS chip in a photo of  Pope and Julia when they were younger. It's a bunch of photos of Julia that J shows him.
  • Deran and Craig go surfing one last time. Craig encourages Deran to track down Adrian.
  • Julia goes to Baz's house in need of help and to tell him about Smurf but he eventually sends her away after they talk.
  • Julia tells Baz she was trying to help Pope because Smurf is making him worse.
  • Deran and Craig get in one last brawl.
  • J stops by Penny's office and brings her lunch. He tells her that he needs her to update the trust document and give him permanenent authority to all the money. Penny tells him that she can't do it and can go to jail.
  • J tells her that his uncles are dangerous and want to kill him and that's why he needs all the money and for them to leave.
  • Julia meets Thorpe, Baz's friend, while she's on the streets and he offers her some heroin. She declines. He tells her where to find him to hang out if she needs off the street. She goes with him.
  • Pope implants the GPS where his knife wound was.
  • Craig talks to Renn again. He asks her to marry him when he gets there.
  • J heads to where the stash place is.
  • Someone calls and tells Smurf that Julia has overdosed and she hangs up after stating it's not her problem. Smurf lies to Pope about it.
  • J returns home while deran and craig are relaxing and preparing for the next day. He checks the account and Penny has changed it for him. He transfers all the money to a different account.
  • Pope's transfer is taking place.
Animal Kingdom
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Animal Kingdom Season 6 Episode 12 Quotes

Julia: Call me a slut and a little girl and let's get those over with.
Smurf: I'm not going to punish you. I'm actually going to give you what you want. Your freedom.
Julia: What does that mean?
Smurf: Get out of my house.

Deran: How much does she know?
J: The truth that we're selling everything and splitting it up. That's it.