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Hodiak and Shafe look for viable suspects in the Gladner murder. Cutler still thinks it's Vickery.

Hodiak goes to meet the Gladner's widow Lucille, who runs a strip club. 

Grace calls Hodiak over and tells him about Manson's call with the recording of Emma. 

Hodiak heads to the ranch to talk to Manson, but Emma isn't there. He watches Manson load everyone on the bus, and tails them. 

Emma is still with Roy the sound engineer, but he kicks her and Sadie out. 

Karn awakes at his office, and avoids the problems in his personal life.

Manson shows up at Roy's and is upset to find out the girls are gone. 

Cutler demands that Hodiak come in and work on the Gladner case.

Shafe interviews Vickery, who is going through withdrawal.

Shafe tries to get premission to take Vickery out in order to continue investigating the drug ring.  

Opal and Hodiak discuss Walt. She overheard Walt make a phone call to a childhood friend. 

Hodiak questions Walt's friend Dave, who is riding out Vietnam in seminary school. When Hodiak leaves, Walt comes out from a back room.

Karn is drinking and crusing in a park.

Hodiak starts to doubt Vickery's innocence. Back at the strip club, the partners interview the dancers about Gladner and Lucille.

Hodiak arrests a delivery man who had a key to the Coffee Hut. But Shafe needs the threat of jail in order to get Vickery to cooperate. Hodiak suggests just not telling anybody about the new arrest.

Cut and Sam go in for a meeting with the Lieutenant who has shot himself.

Vickery and Shafe go to meet Vickery's  heroin contact, Guapo, who let's slip that there's been an arrest in Gladner's murder. 

Hodiak interviews the murderer -- turns out the hit was put out because Gladner was going to turn after Hodiak intimidated him.

Cutler is replacing the lieutenant. Shafe feels guilt over Gladner's fate, and Hodiak does not.

Shafe gets a call from his distressed wife, someone has spray painted racial slurs on their house. Hodiak comes by, and he tells Shafe about Walt, who calls an old buddy to try and help.

Karn shows up at the ranch with a gun, seemingly more upset about his recent lapses into homosexuality than finding Emma. Manson talks him down. She watches, and they make eye contact just before he leaves.

Karn returns home to Grace and tells her that he found Emma. She throws him out and calls Hodiak.

Emma is tripping on acid with Manson when Grace and Hodiak show up. She has a gun and resists. Hodiak hits her after she fires. 


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Aquarius Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

No, I said I'd bundle $250,000 because you said you'd donate 50 grand. Now, were you lying to me, or Ronnie Regan, and Nancy will eat your eggs for brunch.


You're armed. You should come get it. You have a 20% chance of getting it that way, or you can run. Then you got a 100% chance that I'm gonna shoot you, so...what's it gonna be, Marvin? Come on, I don't have all day. Chop-chop.