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On Archer Season 6 Episode 12,  Archer and the gang are given a special assignment by Agent Hawley of the CIA.

A Russian molecular scientist,  Dr Zoltan Kovacs, defected to the United States to continue his work on molecular miniaturization. However, before he could complete his work, he was almost kidnapped and went into a coma with a blood clot in his brain.

The mission that they're given is to be shrunk and injected into Dr Kovacs, in an attempt to destroy the blood clot before it kills him. However, the gang isn't given a choice. They are to take the mission and to be successful at it (getting $1 million each), or they will be blacklisted from the CIA.

The gang is flown to New Mexico where they meet Dr Sklodowska, irritable scientist in charge of the mission. However, frequent distractions interrupt their briefing, and they are sent to be miniaturized with minimal information.

Ray, as a certified pilot, is given captaincy of the mission's ship, The Nereus, with Cyril as his co-pilot. Lana and Archer are at the arsenal, while Pam and Cheryl are sent off to avoid their interference. Krieger is asked to assist with the procedure from the outside, but quickly gets on the bad side of the other doctors and is ejected from the operating room.

Lana and Archer discuss what would happen if they die, what would happen to Abijean.  Archer can't wrap his head around the concept of his own mortality - that he might actually die on a dangerous mission.

The shrunken team is transported to the body to be injected, but Krieger, irate at being kicked out, storms into the operating room and makes a scene, causing the injection to go in through the foot and jeopardizing the mission.

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Archer Season 6 Episode 12 Quotes

Malory: Why is she even in this briefing? She's not allowed to go on missions!
Hawley: Because she always stows away somehow, as do Figgis and Dr. Krieger, and Julia Glueis Dreyfuss over there.

The information you're about to hear is top secret. Unauthorized publication or leaking of this information would be an act of high treason, for which you would tried and convicted by a secret military tribunal and summarily executed. So no, Ms Poovey, I don't think a selfie would be appropriate.