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Archer is in Vegas after a drunken bender. Apparently, he's upset over Lana having tricked her in the events of Archer Season 6 Episode 6. He calls Cheryl to help him out but has a lot of requests because he's on the no-fly list and on the train equivalent of the no-fly list. 

She sends a private plane to get him with Ray, Cyril, Pam, and Krieger on it. Due to popular demand, Ray (who's the pilot) takes the plane down to a slightly lower altitude so they can get a better peak at Area 51. This upsets the military who blasts the plane out of the sky.

When they crash land, Archer and the gang are in a lot of trouble with the military. Fortunately, Archer saves the day by pretending he's Slater. With his autistic abilities, he also happened to memorize Slater's absurdly long clearance code. 

Archer also convinces the military that the other members of the gang are prisoners under his command and that Ray's an Israeli pilot. 

The gang gets shuttled off to a contaiment area but they soon lose Pam and Krieger who see aliens.

Archer runs off after them and is found out by the military to be a fraud. In the interim, Pam and Krieger make first contact with aliens. Archer gets them out of the hot mess but Pam and Krieger are profoundly shaken by an alien encounter that no one else believes occured. 

Archer and the gang celebrate by going to Branson, Missouri. 

In the B-plot, Mallory guilts Lana into giving over naming the baby after her grandmother. 



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Archer Season 6 Episode 7 Quotes

Ray: Good morning, this is Captian Ray Gillette welcoming you aboard from the flight deck. Flight time to Branson is about 3 hours--
Archer: No it isn't!
Ray: Shut up, and in the meantime..

Cheryl: Let me guess, you're all butthurt because you hired some Pakistani dude to shoot you so you went to Vegas and now you're drunk and broke outside a casino and you want me to wire a $1000 to buy you a plane ticket and a pre-flight whore.
Archer: Ok, I'm gonna list everything you said that's totally wrong. A) I'm not outside a casino so.......