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As she's going to spend the weekend at a spiritual retreat, Lana drops off the baby with Archer which is going to be especially complicated for Archer as it's Woodhouse's annual three days off.

Things become even more disruptive as Slater (Christian Slater) shows up with a gunshot wound and a Pakistani cyberspy named Farouk (Kumail Nanjiani) who is now an intelligence assett.

Slater convinces Archer to babysit Farouk for 24 hours. As soon as they're alone, Farouk quickly turns the tables on Farouk and holds him at gunpoint. Farouk wants to take Archer to ISIS's (or at least the agency formerly known as ISIS) mainframe. 

When they get to the agency formerly known as ISIS, Farouk and Archer are both surprised to see the entire gang their playing poker. They pass by the gang who don't seem to notice that Archer looks a little disturbed. Until Krieger brings it up.

The gang reluctantly follows and finds Farouk monologing about his plans. Pam bursts in and grabs the baby than starts swinging around the office like an ape. Farouk starts shooting at Archer and the gang as they duck behind the desks. Archer puts on Krieger's gas mask and tries to release some noxious fumes but he's stopped by Farouk's bullet.

As Farouk is going to deliver the fatal blow, it's revealed that the whole thing was a set-up. Lana and Mallory step out from behind an elevator and start applauding Archer for his mildly decent efforts to keep the safety of the baby in mind. They apparently set this whole thing up and Farouk is an improv actor. Farouk then tries to plug his improv troupe to the gang.

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Archer Season 6 Episode 6 Quotes

Archer: Lana, go. AJ's in good hands. I know what I'm doing. I've read 10 of the Babysitter's Club books.
Lana: Really?
Archer: Yeah, I'm totally a Christie with maybe like a dash of Claudia.

Lana: Have you at least babyproofed this place?
Archer: I don't think a baby can hurt anything.