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Cheryl, Pam, Krieger, Ray and Cyrill arrive at headquarters at 7 AM for a mandatory staff meetting. Lana arrives a little thereafter and as they're going up in the elevator, Archer tries to get on board. Ray tries to close the door anyway, but too late.

So now we have the entire [agency formerly known as] ISIS gang togther in an elevator minus Mallory when the elevator gets seriously stuck.

The gang soon discovers that their options are severely limited: The office staff hasn't been replenished since the gang stopped dealing coke and being legit, the cell phone signal was jammed by Krieger to encourage conversation, and the elevator phone doesn't work.

Archer suggests Ray "R2D2" it. They find Milton the toaster but he/it doesn't do much. Archer suggests Cyril remove his sweater vest for some odd reason (it gives Archer an excuse to make fun of Cyril). The gang discuss pooling their resources whereby it's established that Krieger has an abomination of nature in his thermos.

Things continue to go nowhere (which isn't really a problem for the audience) as this is sufficiently entertaining (and believe me it's just as enertaining to write this synopsis out). To heighten the tension, Cheryl offers to read everyone's innermost thoughts which is a catalogue of all their additions. She then recommends they all plummet to the bottom of the elevator shaft and everyone mulls over that idea for a while.

In the interim, Ray wants to smoke and Lana can't have that so the two of them fight it out and Pam suggests Cyril masturbate to the action (yes, it makes sense with the concept of the episode. Roll with it).

In an exciting twist, Pam urinates in the elevator. Everyone except Pam is displeased.

Ray gets half a bar and tries calling 911 but the dispatcher finds Ray snippy and bans his phone number from the emergency line. Cheryl suddenly remembers she has claustrophobia and starts screaming.

Mallory finally arrives and turns on the power which enables the elevator to work again. The gang is saved but they are sufficiently embarrassed by Mallory.

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Archer Season 6 Episode 5 Quotes

Lana: What is it, soup?
Ray: Define soup.
Lana: Would it be safe to assume that no one wants to drink what's in your thermos?
Krieger: Sweet Jesus God, I would hope so!

Well then, it's official. The sweater vest is officially good for nothing.