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On Archer Season 8 Episode 7, Dutch Dylan confronts the group, identifying Archer as the one who cost him his legs. They all try to shoot him, but Dutch deflects all the bullets with his robotic arms, injuring Cecil in the process.

Trexler and Archer manage to escape to another room, while Trinette, Poovey, Cecil and Lana try to escape Dutch. Archer unties Trexler and agrees to help him get out of the room. They go upstairs and try to shimmy down the wall, but Dutch finds them and throws them off the roof.

Lana, Trinette and Poovey carry Cecil out, and after some difficulty, start his car. Trinette takes Cecil to the hospital, while Lana tries to arrest Figgis and Poovey.

Archer and Trexler survive the fall, and with Dutch hot on their chase, attempt to get away in Archer's car, along with Lana, Poovey and Figgis. Dutch, however, continues to chase them with his weapon of choice (a halbert).

Dutch catches up with them on his motorcycle and tries to kill them, but Archer, angered after derision from his passengers, outmaneuvers Dutch and runs him over repeatedly as the punchline to an angry joke.

Archer then continues to rant, angry about how he got sucked into this situation when all he wanted was to find Woodhouse's killer. Trexler then tells Archer that Woodhouse was killed by Mother.

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Archer Season 8 Episode 7 Quotes

Trexler: Get me out of here alive, and the ransom money and we'll call it even, okay?
Archer: Uh, we're way more than even.
Trexler: How do you figure?
Archer: Because your final thought on this Earth wasn't about how my gun tasted!
Trexler: Fair enough.
Archer: Right?

Archer: Okay. A. ,The Tin Man is not a robot.
Trexler: The Tin Man is -
Archer: A magical being, like a leprechaun, Pinocchio, an enchanted Nutcracker.
Trexler: Whatever! He doesn't have a heart!