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Dutch Dylan wakes from his surgery, furious about what's done to him and out for blood. Krieger avoids his own death at Dylan's hands, as he possesses a serum that Dylan has to take every 12 hours in order to stay alive.

Barry goes on a rampage, beating up a gang of bikers to get some clothes and the keys to a motorbike. Krieger warns Trexler that Barry wants to kill him.

Meanwhile, Figgis wakes up naked in the morgue, where he was left by Archer and Poovey. Angry and desperate, he calls Len Trexler, who threatens his life over his mishandling of Trexler's schemes.

Figgis figures out that Mother may have hijacked their kidnapping, so he and Poovey plan to work their way into it and steal the ransom. While Archer talks to Cecil Vandertunt arranging the specifics of the ransom drop-off, Figgis and Poovey show up at the mansion to take the money.

Lana Kane overhears Archer planning the ransom, and tries to seduce him for more information. Archer refuses to tell her.

Cecil makes his way to the drop-off point, with Figgis and Poovey in tow, Archer observing, and Lana surreptitiously following Archer. After Cecil hides the ransom, Figgis uses a smoke bomb as a distraction to steal the ransom.

The ensuing chase causes Archer to flashback to a similar car chase during his time in the war. Distracted, he drives over a cliff. Archer survives, but ends up in trouble with Mother.

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Archer Season 8 Episode 5 Quotes

Cyril/Figgis: As the Lord our God Himself is my witness, upon the conclusion of my current business, I shall return to this place, and visit upon you an apocalypse of such terror and destruction that you will rue, RUE, the very fact of your miserable birth!!
Coroner: (munches on hot dog) I'll be here!

Are you kidding? Dreamland has a whole goddamn Nazi robot farm in the basement. In THIS economy!

Dutch Dylan/Barry