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This episode of Army Wives starts off with Frank just plain clearing out Jeremy's room.

Just throwing things away, almost like he was trying to totally erase the fact that he had a son.

Denise tried to convince him to stop what he was doing and told him that if he truly wanted to help her he needed to find Jeremy and bring him home because that was the only thing that would make her ok.

Meanwhile, Amanda snuck out to meet Jeremy.

He told her that he truly cared about her and that he was going away. He said he needed to make things right and this was the only way.

Amanda had absolutely no idea what he was talking about, and so he showed her his enlistment papers.

She was very upset and asked Jeremy if this was what he wanted.

He said he couldn't have what he really wanted and that enlistment in the army was his only option.

At Roxy's house she confronted Marta about finding Trevor's painkillers in her suitcase.

Marta denied taking them and reminded Roxy that she had been clean for over 6 months.

Roxy (Sally Pressman) still found it hard to believe that Marta was telling the truth and was more willing to believe that she was lying rather than believing her mom was clean and on the level.

At the Holden household Michael is happy that he had finalized the details of the Holden family vacation.

He and Claudia Joy had not told the girls where they were headed and were trying to figure out how to share with them that the trip did not include shopping trips in Paris for Amanda or concert tickets for Emma Lynn.

Instead, the were headed to Montana!

Michael so believed that his teenaged daughters would find fishing in Montana to be the perfect destination for a vacation.

Claudia Joy wanted to talk to Michael about the Jeremy situation because Denise asked her to find out if Amanda knew where Jeremy was.

Michael confessed to his wife that he had already told Jeremy to stay away from Amanda.

Claudia Joy was a little upset that Michael didn't tell her because they had agreed not to do or say anything until they found out what was really going on between their daughter and Jeremy.

Michael apologized and said he had no choice because Jeremy came to see him and he could tell by looking in his eyes that Jeremy believed he was in love with Amanda.

After speaking with Marta, Roxy took the bottle of pills to Trevor and had him count them out. When he said they were all there Roxy asked if he was sure.

Trevor said to her that Roxy should give Marta another chance, that the entire time Marta had been there he had seen nothing but a big effort on her part to make things right with Roxy.

Claudia Joy decided to it was time to find out what was really going on between Jeremy and her daughter. She went to Amanda's room where she found her packing a bag.

She asked Amanda to tell her where Jeremy was but Amanda refused saying she had promised but that he was safe and that was all she was going to say.

So with that little bit of information Claudia Joy headed over to Denise's house. She found Denise putting Jeremy's room back together and let her know that Amanda said Jeremy was safe.

Denise was really upset with Claudia Joy for not pushing harder to find out from Amanda where her son was. Claudia Joy could only apologize and said she would try harder.

This did not sit well with Denise at all and she went back to hanging things on the wall, basically giving Claudia Joy the cold shoulder.

Later that day Denise took it upon herself to go to the Holden house and confront Amanda herself. She arrived just as Amanda was heading out to meet Jeremy.

At this point Denise finds out that Jeremy has enlisted in the Army.

Denise told him that she would get him out anyway she could but he refused to give in. He told his mom "Let me make you proud of me again."

Pamela, Trevor and Marta spent the day planning a surprise birthday party for Roxy. While Roxy was at work the three bought decorations and party favors. Marta even baked a cake.

A little lopsided with a whole lot of icing but she baked it none the less. A cute effort to show her love for her daughter. They had even contacted Roxy's boss Betty and included her in on the surprise.

Betty was to schedule Roxy for work on her birthday and the party itself would be at the Hump Bar. Everyone had already said they would be there and things looked really good for pulling off the big surprise.

Marta and Trevor (Drew Fuller) did some talking and we were given more insight to Marta's life and her relationship with Roxy. Marta confided in Trevor that she had Roxy when she was 18 and that Roxy's dad died 5 years later.

Since Roxy's dad was the love of her life when he was gone she just lost control of her life. Trevor told Marta that Roxy was a loving and caring person and that was proof she must have done something right.

This really helped Marta to feel better about the guilt she was carrying for the way she raised Roxy.

We see Roland sitting in an office discussing with who we can only assume was his supervisor or boss. He told her that changing departments was not an option that he really felt he needed to leave the hospital entirely.

She asked him if his involvement with Belgrad was clouding his judgement and he readily admitted that it was. He said that he felt a connection with Belgrad and that made him take a hard look at his life, his work, who he was married to and that he didn't really like where it was all heading.

Back at Roxy's house, Trevor has taken Roxy out for some wining and dining while Marta stayed home with the boys.

They are painting all over the walls and Marta is just encouraging them because beige is just not a color people should be living in.

Even the boys knew they were going to be in BIG trouble!

The phone rang and T.J. answered it.

He passed it over to Marta and told her it was Andy.

Marta practically jumped out of her chair. From Marta said in the phone Andy was unable to get her money. The "loan" she had been counting on was a no go.

Marta begged and pleaded saying that he promised but her only response from the other end of the line was a dial tone, he had hung up on her.

Marta grabbed her purse and keys and told the boys she was going to the store and that she'd be right back. T.J. could only tell her "Don't do it grandma."

When Trevor and Roxy returned they found T.J. and Finn asleep in a huge mess in the living room and after Roxy called out for Marta she realized that her mom had left the boys alone.

Back at the Holden house Claudia Joy and Michael sat Amanda down to have a talk with her about her relationship with Jeremy.

They admit to her the reason that they do not want her seeing Jeremy. When she is told that he was abusive to Denise she doesn't believe them.

Instead she accused them of making it up and that Michael was the reason Jeremy enlisted. She would not listen to them and took off to her room.

The next morning Marta snuck into the house to grab her belongings. It looked like she had a black eye.

Although she was quiet enough not to wake anyone Roxy was still there to say "Goodby again Marta." There was no confrontation about leaving the boys alone and Marta didn't even turn around she just left.

Claudia Joy went to Denise's house to apologize for not trying harder to find out from Amanda what was going on with Jeremy.

Denise took this the wrong way thinking Claudia Joy meant enlisting was for the best and did not even give Claudia Joy a chance to explain what she meant, instead she slammed the door in her face.

Later that day when Amanda went to meet Jeremy, when she found him she told him that she had spoken to her parents.

He asked if they told her why she was not supposed to see him. All she said was that her parents told her of family problems.

When Jeremy asked if that was all Amanda knew her parents were telling the truth. She told Jeremy that something wasn't right because she saw a good person in front of her.

Jeremy kissed her and they made love in the gazebo.

Meanwhile, at the Hump Bar everyone was preparing for Roxy's arrival for her "shift." The place looked great and everyone was there.

It was a huge surprise for her when she arrived. It really couldn't have come at a better time. During the party everyone sat around the table and took turns playing "I'm Pissed," a drinking game in which you say why you are mad and then shoot your drink back.

Trevor went first saying, he was upset because his knee was swollen and he couldn't dance with his wife. Pamela said she was upset because she didn't know where her husband was or when he was coming back.

Roland was next, he decided to take three shots and went on to share how he felt his life was in turmoil. Claudia Joy said she was upset because she made a mistake and hurt a friend. She didn't know how to make it better.

She said this while looking at Denise and I think this was a great step in mending the friendship ties that had been strained because of the whole Jeremy Amanda situation.

When it came to Roxy's turned she filled her glass but before she could acutally admit what she was upset about she saw Marta.

Roxy went to her and they had an emotional talk. Marta said she would not give any excuses because she knew Roxy had heard them all. Roxy was very understanding about everything.

As the credits are about to roll, Roxy and Trevor are at home. They sat on their bed and Roxy opened her gift from her mom - a picture of herself and Marta on one of Roxy's birthdays as a child.

Trevor whispered to Roxy that Marta really does love her.

Amanda and Jeremy are at the Greyhound bus stop waiting for the bus to take Jeremy to basic training. When the bus pulled away Amanda looked across the street and saw Denise standing there.

She waved gently to Amanda and then they both left.

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Army Wives Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

"I choose all of you. Thank you for being my family."


[to Marta] "You are my mother. I could never not love you, but I can't have you in my life anymore."