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This week on Army Wives, Fort Marshall got a little hotter as Joan returned home to surprise Roland, who was surprised by the early return of his wife, who says she is now dedicated to her marriage.

This episode aims at challenging this new found devotion by making Joan confront the questioning of her ability to take command again.

At the same time, Roland counsels a soldier convinced his wife is cheating on him, which reveals Roland's opinion that keeping quiet on an affair may be more helpful to saving a marriage then revealing it.

Chase Moran (Jeremy Davidson) pops in for a 36-hour visit to check in with the family. And the roses Pamela thought were sent by Scott were actually sent by Chase, who's questioning Delta Force life.

The passage of time still seems to be an issue for the series, as Joan's return seems too soon and Chase's departure was only a few episodes ago. But, hey, who's keeping track.

Lenore Baker remains in the limelight as the uptight general's wife as she oversees the installation of a memorial rose garden on post. She picks Marilyn as an assistant in planning of an upcoming Hail and Farewell.

Denise is still tackling working life as she settles into the post clinic as a student nurse. Frank is upset with her position, as it seems he feels he needs her "now more than ever" to support his job which has been fast tracked because of his performance during his helicopter accident.

Frank also waxes about a "desk job at the Pentagon" which most soldiers generally don't get all too excited about.

Roxy tries to find out more about the husband she married, including the number of women he has slept with, his religion, and his faults.

The highlight of the episode, though, centers around MAJ Weatherford's Hail and Farewell. The event is full of early departures (Joan and Rowland), no shows (Denise), foreshadowing (Gen. Baker's heart problems), and a talk between Lenore and Gen. Baker on their failing marriage.

A conversation which Claudia Joy (Kim Delaney) overhears.

Claudia Joy's own secret is finally revealed: She killed someone when she fell asleep at the wheel after being out studying late during law school.

Suddenly, Gen. Baker has a seizure which lands him in the hospital, putting Col. Holden to the front of the line for post command.

Joan is asked to be Col. Holden's XO making her devotion to marriage and not to the Army short lived (although she says differently), Chase heads back to who knows where, Denise impresses Frank with her nursing skills so she can keep her job, and Claudia Joy is fearful of the repercussions of her past.

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