Claudia Joy's parents, Randall and Charlotte (Len Cariou and Marsha Mason) have settled in the Holden house as they deal with their issues.

CJ's hero worship has blinded her to her dad's flaws up until now, so it's one huge reality check for her to find that this is her reality.

The way Claudia dealt with this problem - telling her parents to work it out - may be the only way she knows how. It's clearly thrown her off.

Compared to Roxy and Trevor and Frank and Denise, the Holdens are doing all right. Trevor's like a ticking clock. He's had a rough time recovering from his injuries, physical and emotional, and learning that Dalton's died, a fellow soldier from his squad in Iraq, pushed him over the edge.

Roxy is worried about Trevor and the pain meds, and now she has something to be concerned about. Trevor has never been so out of control.

Frank and Denise (Catherine Bell) met with a marriage counselor because, like Claudia Joy's parents, they don't really talk. They also don't have the same idea about marriage:

  • Denise calls marriage a relationship subject to change. She wants to do something different with her life - contribute something.
  • Frank says the terms of their marriage should remain the same forever and she has destroyed their foundation.

They still love each other, but they've grown apart. Jeremy's deploying to Iraq - and their deciding not to mention their marital troubles to him - seems to have tabled what appears to be a break up to come in the not too distant future.

At Joan's baby shower, she was micro-managing the party and baby proofing the house, and this is before the baby's even out of the womb.

Vintage Joan.

Lastly, there is the issue of Pamela's "stalker." Based on one phone call and a gift of flowers, is she overreacting in calling him a stalker?

The MPs, so far, have not reacted very seriously. With Chase on and off the post all the time, we'll have to see how this story develops.

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