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In this penultimate Season Two episode of Army Wives, the Trevor-Roxy (Drew Fuller-Sally Pressman) drug story continued to build up.

Roxy is doing her best to keep it together and Trevor has been like another person since returning from Iraq, guilt ridden and hurt.

His problems are understandable, real and not easily solved.

Roland's reaction to Roxy confiding in him was understandable in that he is always a worrier, and he told Joan (Wendy Davis) about Trevor's dependence.

The Burton baby arrived in good health and the tribe soon gathered at the hospital to support Roland. After Roxy and Roland's flare up at Betty's, seeing her embrace him underscored the connection between the spouses.

Friendship is supposedly what the Holdens have with their old European pal, Paolo, but quickly he turned out to be something else.

He involved Michael in sticky politics, blending personal interests with nationalism. Then, in the kitchen scene with Claudia Joy, Paolo set off boundary alarms which she should have acted upon.

Later Paolo came forward and apologized - in front of Michael - at dinner, and she thought that was the end of it. But it turns out Paolo wasn't just an operator, he was a rapist. Amazing. Scary.

The Pamela stalker story also took a new and escalating turn when she called in MPs to back her up as she arranged to meet Tim.

The dinner with Denise and Frank was intense, but they finally talked it out. If Denise wants a separation, she can't cling to Frank whenever she feels the need. Frank has deep emotions and passions too, and this time, Army Wives finally explored it more than in the past.

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