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Molly has a blockage between the stomach and small intenstine and needs an operation. She recovers and Denise and Tonya start over.

Joan's change of command ceremony takes place and she becomes Garrison Commander.

Boone asks Pamela out for drinks after work, asking if they are going to give dating a chance.

Chance comes home, has processed his paperwork to leave special ops and intends to be an instructor.  Pamela realizes she loves Chase, and tells Boone who she chooses.

Claudia Joy graduates from law school from the top of her class, but no one is there it see her do it.

TJ continues to be a thorn in Roxy's side, and is caught shoplifting. He has a stash of other stuff under the bed. Trevor rips into Roxy about Whit's visit and blames her for TJ's recent outbursts. Trevor talks to TJ on the phone and seems confident that his talk will stop the behavior.

Army Wives
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Army Wives Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

No, it's just that their margaritas make people do strange things.


Me? I'm just the husband, Patty; flying under the radar like always.


Army Wives Season 5 Episode 2 Music

  Song Artist
Tangled up Tangled Up Gareth Dunlop iTunes
Song Pulling on a Line The Great Lake Swimmers iTunes