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When you watch Arrow Season 3 Episode 6, you'll discover what memories Roy is repressing as well as what additional evidence Felicity has on Sara's killer. Are they a match?

Ted Grant reveals that he was once The Arrow, without the arrows or hood. He wa a vigilante in the Glades and now someone is setting him up to take the fall for murders he never had anything to do with. Can Laurel and Oliver help him find out who is setting him up and keep himout of prison?

Find out when you watch Arrow online!

Episode Details

On Arrow Season 3 Episode 6, Ted Grant becomes the main suspect in a murder, prompting Laurel and Oliver to argue over his innocence and the case in general.

Rating: 4.1 / 5.0 (91 Votes)
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Arrow Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Roy: Nothin' much. Just a feeling. A feeling of being not me. Being strong and out of control. But, here's the thing, in those dreams, I killed Sara.
Felicity: And this really had you worried.
Roy: Because the dreams, they didn't feel like dreams, Felicity, they felt like memories. I actually remember throwing arrows into her. Crazy, right?
Felicity: Yeah. Crazy.

Felicity: You just had me test your blood for a serum you were cured from six months ago. I already knew it was stupid.
Roy: The reason I haven't been sleeping is because I have been having dreams, and not normal ones.