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As the World Turns ...

As Silas slams the door to the cabin shut, Carly tells the thug that she's taking her son with her. He starts to grab her but J.J. knocks him down with a log. They try to escape from the cabin but Silas stops her while Ava grabs J.J. When Carly leaks that Jack will rescue them, Silas calls Kit and warns her that he's a cop who is there to make trouble.

Episode Recap

Kit leads Jack to the cabin where Silas captures him and handcuffs him to Carly. J.J. panics when Kit urges him to get rid of them for good. Lily (Martha Byrne) surprises Holden with his grandfather's watch repaired. He thanks her but assures her that it doesn't make up for what she's done.

Faith overhears them arguing and worries that her parents are going to get a divorce. Lily tries to reassure her daughter that they will be fine but then advises Holden of their daughter's concern. Lily claims she gave Carly the money because of the guilt she felt after Rose died. She promises Holden that she will be truthful from now on.

Maddie (Alexandra Chando) arrives at the farmhouse and finds Noah in Luke's arms after he slipped while engaging in a towel tug of war. Noah pulls back from an obviously affected Luke and rushes to give Maddie a kiss.

Noah invites Maddie out and quickly says "no" when she invites Luke to join them. Later, she's taken aback when Noah asks her to go to Oakdale instead of Wesleyan.

Knowing she's anxious about Jack, Brad takes Katie's mind off him for awhile by seeking her help with Parker at the farm.

But when they rush to the farm and Luke leaks that Parker's spending the night with a friend, Brad sheepishly admits that he was trying to help and didn't want her to be alone tonight.

Urging her to admit she's upset Carly is now with Jack, he suggests that she celebrate her engagement to Jack. The two play cards and, as things heat up and Katie wins one hand after another, Brad removes his shirt...

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As the World Turns
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