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As the episode commences, Gwen informs Will and Sage that her doctor told her everything is fine with her baby and shows off the baby's first ultrasound photo.

Hearing that he might be going out of town, Luke asks Noah if he makes him uncomfortable.

Admitting he's going to the Indie Music festival in Door County, Maddie and Noah invite Luke to join them. He claims someone has to remain behind.

Noah asks Maddie (Alexandra Chando) about Luke's expectations where men are concerned. Gwen interrupts the two with an invitation to come to the house for a party with a "surprise theme."

Alison advises Susan that she is not going to move back home but after they have a frank, honest talk, Alison changes her mind. Announcing she's moving back, Alison suggests that they might be able to help each other.

As Alison and then Noah and Maddie arrive, Gwen confirms that she is pregnant and due in April.

Surprised to see Alison there, Maddie tells Gwen that she was making porn videos in Vegas. Damn, girl!

As he waits for some type of reaction from the medication, Paul encourages Rosanna to wake up, telling her that her work is not yet done.

He's relieved when she wakes and smiles at him but the doctor tempers his reaction when he admits there is no guarantee how long she'll be awake.

When Lucinda tries to cause trouble for Meg and Craig at the board meeting, Craig encourages her to tell the board her beliefs.

Meg does this and suggests that the board consider how their corporate decisions affect the customer. After the board sides with her, Lucinda warns Meg that Craig is not going to change, but he will change her.

He then hands her the annulment papers but she tears them up. Though she offers to resign, Bob tells Susan that she's been temporarily suspended because of her drinking.

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