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As the World Turns
Episode Guide 4/10/08

Today on As the World Turns, Noah and Ameera thank Holden and Lily for allowing them to stay at the farm. When Parker backs out of attending the big engagement party tonight, Carly worries that Jack doesn't want to go because he doesn't want everyone to assume they're a couple.

Jack insists he'll go with her and suggests they just have fun. Lily calls Margo to cancel because they can't find a babysitter. After Bob and Kim can't make it and Casey backs out too, Margo and Tom welcome Brad and Katie. When Jack and Carly arrive, they discover they are the first and only guests.

Katie breaks the ice by thanking Katie and Brad for helping clear Parker. Katie's curious when Carly asks if she's heard from Mike lately. Just then, Mike arrives at the Hughes' house. Katie welcomes him home and reveals that she's marrying Brad. Back at the Lakeview, Katie assures Brad that she loves him.

Lily then confides to Holden that she has received a box from Dusty. Inside, she reads a letter which explains that Dusty wanted her to have everything in the box. Finding a crying Lily moved by the memories, Holden admits he's concerned that they're "settling" by trying to make their marriage work.

After they move into Gwen and Will's old place, Casey invites Ameera to come out for some ice cream, leaving Noah and Luke behind to have fun in bed. When they remove their shirts, an immigration agent knocks on the door. Ameera opens up to Casey that her fake marriage can be confusing.

She admits that she realizes she can never be a part of Noah's entire life. The two return to the house in time to fool the agent. Luke later warns Noah he can't do this anymore. Ameera tells Noah the same thing.

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