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As the World Turns
Episode Guide, 4/14/08

Today on As the World Turns ...

Sofie helps Paul move Barbara into Fairwinds during her recovery and guesses the change in his attitude towards Barbara is due to Meg.

Aaron's worried when he finds Sofie took the day off work to help Paul with Barbara. He tells Meg who calls to invite Paul and Sofie to lunch at the farm. Henry's caught off guard when Brad asks him to be his best man.

Hearing the wedding will happen any day, he guesses it's because of Mike but then backs off from the claim. Katie seeks Margo's help with planning the upcoming wedding. She assures her sister that both she and Mike agreed they both need to move along with their lives.

Mike confides to Meg about how surprised he was to find Katie ready to marry Brad. He admits that if he's going to act, he needs to do it soon. When Katie and Margo stop by Fashions to find a wedding dress, a nosy Lisa calls Mike and lies about a termite problem in hopes of reuniting him with Katie.

Margo becomes suspicious so Lisa sends her on a wild goose chase. Later, Mike spots Katie in her wedding dress. Margo is furious to find Mike with Katie. Brad arrives so Mike takes his leave.

Margo finds her sister crying in the changing room because Mike called her "angel" like he used to.

When Paul brings Sofie to the farm for lunch and she spots Aaron there, she guesses this was a set up and tells Aaron that she's not ready for any relationships right now. Also sensing the set up, Paul warns Meg that it's not a good time for Sofie because of all that she has gone through.

The two bring Ethan to the Lakeview for lunch but lose track of the toddler when they let him wander away. The desk clerk uses a security camera to discover the boy alone and stuck in an elevator.

Paul plays the hero by slipping into the car and rescuing him.

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